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A Close Shave

I love the springtime. The flowers are in bloom. The birds are busy nest-building.

And…the cat needs a shave.

Here’s a before of our furry beast.

This is Cowboy’s arch nemesis. Mr. Remington burned out in the middle of the shaving process. We had to call for backup.


This pile of fur tells the story of:

two pairs of clippers that burnt out

one expletive dropped due to cat fangs

both Biceps’ and my entire outfit engulfed in cat hair


a cold kitty.

And here is our furry beast after-our ‘Little Lion’.


It took a few moment until he would talk to us again.

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Now, I know it isn’t ‘hip’ to be into cats.

Only old, crazy ladies are into cats. Right? However, this dog obsessed generation hasn’t met ‘Cowboy the Cat’. Or witnessed some of his weird ways. I am convinced that if they had, they would love him just as much as I do. So, let me count his weird ways for you and you can judge for yourself.

Number One: This is Cowboy the Cat ‘relaxing’. I think the comfy couch would have been a better choice, but to each cat his own, I suppose.


Number Two: This is Cowboy the Cat’s position in order to lick his armpits. Very, very weird.
Number Three: We are so sad when we have to shave Cowboy the Cat, but we must. Simply put, he has too much fur ‘fer his own good.


Number Four: This is what Cowboy the Cat looks like after a nice, close shave. And we giggle. And our friends giggle. But The Cat now has so much less fur to maintain everyday. I believe it’s a real win-win for everyone involved.

 Number Five: I think this photo speaks for itself.


Number Six: As Cowboy the Cat watches a PBS special on hummingbirds, his furry little body sits unmoving for thirty minutes. And he is wearing a cape. I guess the cape is really my fault, if we’re getting technical. The list goes on, but we’ll stop for now.

My weird cat. I love him and his weird ways.

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