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Have a Best Friend?

This may be totally gratuitous, but I feel something needs to be said.
I have great examples of women who love their husbands, however I’ve overheard others say they may not quite be “in love” anymore. I don’t know what’s going on there, but I am choosing to stay in love. Till death do us part.
I’ve learned that you can either praise or raze your husband-it’s up to you. And I’m not perfect-trust me-oh baby, trust me. But I try.

So, I think it’s time to praise our husbands.
They have an enormous amount of pressure to provide for their families (I know some of us women work, too). They may feel tempted to keep up with the Jones’, they may at times worry if they can be both masculine and sensitive, and they wonder if they’ll ever be able to understand our every need and be able to aptly read our minds.
And they try to always listen to us the moment we want to be listened to, even if OU is playing OSU.

So, let’s hear it for the husbands that understand our “crazies”, our cravings and our cats.

Take this guy for example. He’s really cute, right? (Well, you don’t have to agree with me, that’s ok.) But what I love about him is that he can be so good looking and then not be afraid to do something like this…


…which makes him look completely ridiculous. And he does it just to make me laugh.
I bet you have some examples of things your hubby does just to make you laugh.


So, sing for joy when they are willing to dress up and embarrass themselves with a ridiculous costume year after year for your Christmas cards. (Even though deep down you know they truly enjoy it.)


Let’s cheer on our men when they do listen to us and react in such a way that you know they thought what “she said to you was just ridiculous and can you believe that of all people, she wore that to the function…I mean really, pink and red together with her skin combination?! Can you believe it?”


And they hold our coffees and our purses why we find a hair tie to tame the wild mane so that we can shoot another picture of the ocean.


And if they allow your weird decorations to ride around on their dash or take over the dining room table in their house, then you know you’ve got a good one.
Don’t ever let go. That is your best friend.

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I need a Haircut.

Dear Readers-
In the midst of going on tour, coming home from tour, decorating for Christmas, prepping for my sweet mother-in-law to stay for a month, a nephew being born and making presents…I have neglected something far too long.

And I think it’s about time you knew. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. I need a haircut.

This lady on my left is my BFF Cynthia. Even she said that I need a haircut.
But I still think I could go another few months, perhaps.
It is obvious that I need something to help with my frizzies, I know. I received many great ideas in my post, Hair Issues.

So, ignore my weird arm positioning and the frizzies-to focus on the length of my hair….any thoughts on that?

Love-Rebekah the hairy one.

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Hair Issues-I need your help

Dear Darling Readers,
I am about to be vulnerable and show you something I would rather not show you. In an effort to keep it real, however, I come to you begging for mercy. I need your help.
You see, I am a low-maintenance hair owner. I cut my hair once a year-maybe less. I hardly ever use a blow dryer.
But this is what I’m dealing with as I look through photos of me on a drizzly morning in San Diego.

This is embarrassing.


It’s like my hair has a mind of its own. What is going on here to make it frizzle, frazzle and bedazzle?


Apparently, it doesn’t bother me too much. But then again, I am unaware of just what Bicep’s sees through the camera lens.
Please help, dear readers. What do I do about this frazzle problem? I need you. Don’t fail me now.

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This Kansas Girl Loves Her Sunflowers

Growing up in the ‘Land of Ah’s’, you fall in love with the site of an entire field propagating the majestic sunflower.
Our backyard ended in a field, which happened to be full of the bright yellow flowers.

I would sit for hours watching bees come and go from the flower’s gigantic brown center.


The Sunflower tells me that I’m home, that I’m safe, that life is simple.
That just maybe, I’ll walk into my childhood kitchen and Mom will be making spaghetti, which is her favorite meal, with green beans and garlic toast.

A single Sunflower is enough to brighten a room-plus they last forever. I like to group together three or more-that is, when I decide to part with my hard earned cash to have pretties in my house.

There’s something about the Sunflower that is both delicate and rustic that I relate to in a very personal way.

I think if I ever become famous and people want to know what flowers that I would like in my hoity toity hotel room, the sunflower would be in my top five. Maybe even my top three.


The Sunflower tells me that summer is winding down, that fall is upon me-bringing with it cooler weather, the need for coffee, a good book and a scarf.

I love that I have Sunflowers right now in my dining room even though I live in Oklahoma now, and not Kansas.

But, I bet they came from Kansas, so that’s good enough.

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