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Getting to know you, Grandma

Due to a devastating fire that happened years ago, many of the photographic memories from my mom’s side of the family went up in smoke. My sweet Aunt has a few remaining pictures of the family and has recently been sharing them with me-‘her favorite niece’.
(Note: I am her only niece…)

My Grandpa (my mom’s dad) is the man on the right wearing the ‘old man onesy’. Grandpa didn’t mess about when it came to fishing. Nor when it came to love. Grandpa was madly in love with my Grandma. But she passed away at the age of 53. I was only three at the time-I don’t even remember what her voice sounded like. And up until yesterday, I had only one picture of my Grandma.

I see where I get my sass from and my love for men’s oversized flannel shirts.

My Grandmother looks classy and so full of life. We would have gotten along famously, I am sure.
Because of these photos, I feel a bit of a connection to the woman I never knew. I feel my Grandmother would understand my weird spiciness.
Or at least pretended to understand..but at any rate, I would have another ally on my side. And I need all the help I can get.

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Vintage Advertisements-Part Deux

Creative marketing types are always pushing the envelope when it come to advertising.
However, these advertisements show that the envelope has been pushed too far.
In fact, the envelope looks a little weird and mangled.
It looks creepy.

Photo source unknown
I have a hard time believing that any woman would be or should be this excited about saran wrap and her ability to wrap an inordinate amount of sandwiches. I think a bit of vicodin has been involved here.
And why is there a creepy Jay Leno in the background?

Photo source unknown
The pencil has completely enamored this poor little mountain girl.

Photo source unknown
‘Oh, Dahling…I think I forgot to eat for the last five years. Has anyone seen my waist?’

Photo source unknown
Life is so much fun when you have three men in very strange swimsuits chasing you.
I hope these advertisements have creeped you out.

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Inspiration from Vintage Advertisements

I was born in the wrong era, I just know it.
I can’t get enough of vintage advertisements.
I wanted to share some of those with you.

Photo: Source Unknown
Everything about this photo intrigues me.
It is quite simple, and yet it looks psychedelic, off kilter and kind’ve crazy. A little bit like me.

Photo: Source Unknown
I have no idea what is being sold here, but I want it.

Photo: Source Unknown
I know a few ‘very secure in their manhood’ type men that would disagree with this slogan.
But, I love the pink overload. It reminds me of my first master bedroom.

Photo: Source Unknown
This entire shot is surreal, otherworldly, alien-esque.
I would love to own this bathing suit. If I did, would I have to stand like this to make it look good?

I want to live in an era where women still wore hats and gloves, where men opened the doors for ladies and where we all had martini parties.
But if I did, I would’t have Biceps. I would probably have a ‘Jim’ or a ‘Harold’. I don’t think I could be with a ‘Harold’.
I think I’ll stick with Biceps and throw my own martini parties while wearing gloves.

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Modern Engagement with a Vintage Feel

Today, I am highlighting one of my favorite photographers, Justin Greiman.
(He also happens to be my Hubby’s brother.)
Justin shoots bands, babies, weddings and everything in between. His patient and humble approach to his clients is earning him a reputation not only as a great photographer, but also as a great guy to work with.
Plus, his photos pretty much rule.

Justin recently shot this series for this couple’s engagement. I love the deep saturation of color, the vintage feel, the hat-tipping to a time when men mowed the grass in a tie and women wore heels while cooking.
My hubby is lucky to see me outside of lounge pants.

(Justin shot all of these with a Nikon D90 at ISO 400. He used 28mm and a 50mm lenses for this shoot. He used partially available light, with a little fill from one sb800 in a 15″ softbox. He edited them in Lightroom using Color Efex Pro 3.0, a plugin from Nik Software.)

Justin captured a story with these next three shots. They intrigue me and I want to know more.

She seems pretty upset about something.

Her anger turns to sass, which is what mine usually does as well.
I get her.

His arms crack me up. They sell the vintage feel of the shot, as does the yellowed effect.
She looks perfectly posed; just like a print ad from the 60’s.

Could they be any more cute? Doubt it.

This is one of my favorites from the entire shoot. The mood draws you in, the graininess of the portrait softening the shot. It seems intimate, as if you are seeing a small snippet of their life that no one else gets to see.
Thank you Beau and Chrissie for allowing me to show off your engagement pictures. And congrats on the upcoming wedding!
And thank you Justin Greiman for taking such wonderful pictures. Go check him out-he’ll blow your little socks off!

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