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Snaptures Changes!

Since January, I haven’t been able to blog for any of you. My website seemed to die overnight and I was left to pick up the pieces. After many months of trying to repair it on my own-unsuccesfully, then moving into the realm of hiring someone to build my site, and then many more months of manually importing all of my old posts…I now have a functioning website.

During the interim, I didn’t forget my passion and continued prepping for the day that I would blog again.


Camera by my side, I kept shooting, waiting for the day to be near you once more in cyberspace.


So, here’s a little of what happened while we’ve been apart:

I have been photographing couples, families, babies…and of course, this cute dude with his guitar.


I’ve been busy writing my column, “Together in Tulsa” which is featured online and in print with This Land Press. I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful couples, learn their stories through interviewing them, and of course photograph each one.


Of course, with two new kitties in the house, I’ve been busy photographing their antics. They are “heck on wheels” according to several sources. However, I think they are cute as all get out. Even when they give me a “drive-by-catting”-for no reason.


Lastly, I’ve been using different filters, effects and processes. Biceps is usually my guinea pig.


I will be covering several tutorials, sharing my latest portraits and links to my writing and published photographs. I can’t wait to see what creative shots you have come up with since I’ve been gone!

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Vintage Feel using Lightroom

I love to be creative with my frugality.
I bought a ream of gray paper for $15 and employ its simplicity when making my own personalized stationary.
I print off photos that I have taken to decorate the front of the cards, adding my own weirdo slogan to suit the recipient.

This shot was taken in a bowling alley one evening whilst I played amongst the friends.
I have been reading King James a lot lately. Forgive me.

I used the ‘Cold Tone’ preset in Lightroom to give this photo its vintage edge. I decreased the exposure in order to see the floor and increased the contrast in order to make out the chair pedestals.
I love how worn out and soft the print now appears.

I ended up going with the ‘Aged Photo’ preset. I decreased the exposure a little, but liked how washed out the floor appeared with this preset.
Simple. Cute.
That’s what I’m into and Lightroom is the answer on these occasions. Don’t get me wrong, I love Photoshop. But sometimes, you just want to quickly edit and be done with it.
This was such an occasion and it worked perfectly.

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It’s that time of year-Photo Albums as Christmas Gifts

I love making digital scrapbooks. By scanning in an old photo, I can fix any scratches or flaws with one of my editing programs. I also don’t have to give up that ‘one copy’ of my favorite photo. And lastly, I can make several copies for each family member with a click of a button.

I made an album for Biceps’ Grandma and Grandpa two Christmases ago. Grandpa especially loved seeing himself as a young whipper snapper next to his purty car…

…and seeing pictures of his favorite horse. Grandpa had a myriad of stories about good ‘ol Charlie.
And just so you know, Charlie could do no wrong.

The youngest heard from the oldest the stories that make up our family.

When I become a Grandma someday, I can tell stories of the homesteads that are no longer remaining. The albums will have the visual to give my kids and their kids-roots to farming, to Iowa, to a different life.

They’ll hear from me what I heard from Bicep’s grandparents. Stories about horrific spring tornadoes and God’s provision afterwards.

Stories about the untimely death of this man, Grandpa’s son, who was killed by a drunk driver in the 70’s.

And stories about how Grandpa and Grandma visited the man in the hospital who killed their son and prayed for him. They were able to lead that man to the Lord.

These stories should be shared-generation after generation. They should be memorized, written down and never forgotten. I mean, if you don’t know where you came from-how do you know where you’re going?

If you’re looking for that perfect gift, may I recommend a digital photo album? Or if that’s too much work, may I suggest a roll of 100 dollar bills? I didn’t have a roll of 100 dollar bills, so I went the photo album root.

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An Incriminating Past thanks to Photographic Evidence

Several photos have been surfacing lately of my mother’s side of the family that I have never seen. My sweet Aunt has spent hours scanning and emailing them to me.
I love seeing a face that is so bizarrely familiar, that I feel as if I am looking into a mirror.

This photograph has both my mother and my Aunt in it. I love seeing the dynamic of the different personalities in this photo. Most of the people I have never met.
And for some reason, my Grandmother is holding several life vests, although this looks like an obvious ‘Get together for a family photo!’ type of moment.

My mother is clearly feelin’ her oats in this photo.

This disease apparently runs in the family…

…and it runs deep.

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