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I’m Guest Posting at My Repurposed Life!

Hello, my dear readers. Today, I’m guest posting over at  My Repurposed Life written by a sweet lady named Gail. I’ll be sharing how to build your very own Shed Ramp.


Watch my step by step tutorial on how to make your own ramp from scrap wood in just one afternoon! And stick around to peruse Gail’s site. She’s pretty cool and at My Repurposed Life  you can see Gail use old doors to make beds, benches out of headboards and drawers into memo boards.

She also loves chocolate and loves cats-so, she’s pretty much at the top of my list for that. Come see what this weirdo has to say while guest posting and stick around to get to know Gail at My Repurposed Life a little better.

Peace out.

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A few of My Favorite Things

If you are a new reader here, it might be a lot for you to comb through all of my back posts looking for juicy tidbits to make your day. I thought I’d make that easy for you and show you a few fun things I’ve done over the past year or so. One of these projects might just become your favorite, too. A girl can dream, right?


Broken Mirror Art from recycled mirror bits and pieces. When the light hits it, the whole room shimmers!


A Springy, Silk Scarf Shirt is the perfect answer for a wintery wardrobe. And, it’s so easy & cheap to make yourself!


If you haven’t seen my DIY Spinning Composter already, here she is. (And here’s the video of it in action.) This composter design speeds up the composting process from months to weeks. And made from recycled/salvaged materials makes it easy on the pocketbook, too.


Make your own Simple, Organic balm quickly, easily and cheaply. I love it better than my Burt’s Bees. I ain’t goin’ back, baby!


In an effort to rid my house of nasty chemicals, I made my own Cheap, Organic Face Wash-made from ground oatmeal. So easy. So lovely. So breakfasty.


Use an old tablecloth or curtain to make this Lace Cape Shirt. Simple, practical and it looks great with a little tank top underneath.


I wanted to replace the cleansers in my house with something more organic and cheap. My Homemade Household Green Cleansers list several recipes to get you ready to boot out nasty chemicals from your house, too!

Hope you’ve found a little something that suits your fancy. If not, I’ll keep trying to get you hooked. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.

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A Second Car Fight

Biceps and I are realizing quickly that not touring means being at home. Duh. What we are also realizing is that when he needs to go somewhere for work-I can’t always go with him. They sort of frown upon firefighters bringing their wives along-I don’t know why.

That leads me to this point: we think we need a second car. I know-it’s decadent, provocative and immensely American of us. But, this frugal household might just spring for “Four more wheels! Four more wheels! Four more wheels!”.


This is what Biceps wants-not because it’s necessarily cool, but very practical:


A Prius. I think Rory Gilmore drove a Prius. I think that kid sitting across from me at the coffee shop that smells like Patchouli drives a Prius with his soul patch riding shotgun next to his caramel-no whip-soy latte.

Practical?-Yes. Good gas mileage?-Yes. Boring?-Yes.


This is what I want-a 1964 1/2 Mustang.

I don’t care if it’s candy apple red, avocado green or midnight blue-as long as it’s original. With white Pony Leather interior, 289 D-Code 4v Engine, Automatic Transmission, and factory air-what more could a girl want?

(I hear you in the background saying, “Electric windows/locks, seat heaters, a faab, airbags, murmur, murmur”. Don’t think I don’t.)


When I was 14, I saved up and bought this car-a 1966 Ford Mustang. It was a complete lemon-everything fell apart on it-the transmission, the horn, the brakes. But it was mine, and I loved it.


I would even give up the Mustang to drive a more practical vehicle like this-a 1963 Wagoneer. This gets about 9 mpg’s, so we wouldn’t really drive it-just look at it.


Or this-a 1978 Mercedes wagon. It gets better gas mileage (19 mpg) and it’s still pretty cute.


But really, what we need as a family is something classic, something practical and very affordable. With its 19 mpg’s on the highway-it’s downright economical. And let’s not forget that I’m recycling an old car instead of demanding a new one. And, I’m keeping local small businesses open with my never-ending need for repair parts.


This is just downright embarrassing-with its automatic locks, airbags, great gas mileage and resale value-only a goofball would buy this. Seriously, what am I going to do with Biceps?

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Signs, Signs, everywhere are Signs-Palm Springs, CA

When you buy a new car, do you start to notice all the ones that look like yours? Of if you happen to break up with someone, do you suddenly start noticing everyone else that’s holding hands, smooching and in love (and want to punch them)?
When I’m on tour, I get on these kicks of photographing a cool signs which makes me then see more and more signs. But, I’m glad I do-they inspire me. The colors chosen are typically eye-catching. After all, the signs are advertising something and are trying to grab your attention. The color combos, fonts and text placement influence my creative decisions, whether I like it or not.

The signage at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs was weathered but bright. The paint was chipping off the five foot letters in a haphazard-but-we-meant-to sort of way.

These colors together inspired me to have Harold in my bathroom. Yes, yellow and bits of red can coexist without looking campy.


Our room number. The wood against the adobe made the sign feel warm, aged and homey. This sign inspired me to make a Cedar Christmas Garland from cross sections of a tree.


The color combo on this hotel inspired me to do make Pretty Paper Christmas Trees in a bold red and robin’s egg blue combo for Christmas. Granted this sign is more tangerine and aqua-but it was the beginning of a mind shift for this gal.


I loved the sleek black on the rough wood. It reminded me of our leather headboard behind our master bed with barn wood floors.


The vintage feeling of this sign always inspires me to use cutesy stars and fonts whenever I can. Cutesy is my middle name, you know:
Rebekah Cutesy Greiman.

I am inspired by signs, what inspires you?

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