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Christmas No-No Decor

Dear Readers: Due to the naughtiness of these two,

Christmas is going to be a little weird this year. We just can’t trust them. They are naughty. They will break, bite, and eat anything new or shiny that comes into my home and I need your help. Let me explain:


This is what happens when such naughtiness abounds in my house. Things get broken. Words are said. Spray bottles are utilized.


In order for me to maintain sanity, this will not be seen on my fireplace this year.


Nor will this be gracing my dining room table bringing cheer to my Christmas dinners.


And this will definitely not be in my breakfast nook.


For some reason, Cowboy never bothered any of my Christmas decor.


However, these two are another story. Any suggestions on how to have kitten-proof decor? I need your help.

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Magical Mantel Decor

Truthfully, my ‘Magical Mantel Decor’ isn’t really magical.
It can’t grant you three wishes.
It cannot get rid of that zit before the big holiday party.
It can’t make you lose ten pounds.
But, it is pretty and shiny and oh, so very easy to do.

And that, to me, is a recipe for ‘Magic’. Plus, this decor is inexpensive. Therefore, Biceps thinks our Mantel Decor is magic to our budget.

All that you need for your own Magical Mantel Decor is:
Metallic Spray Paint and a drop cloth/plastic sheet
Desired Christmas Ornaments
Tinsel (not pictured)
Felled tree limbs-or go and cut them off of your living tree, while apologizing to it. That’s what I did.

Spray the tree limbs with the metallic spray paint. I recommend doing this out of doors, unless you like that fuzzy headed feeling. Let the limbs dry.

Place tinsel on the mantel before arranging the silvery tree limbs. Hang glittery Christmas bulbs from the limbs and intersperse them on the mantel itself.

And try not to drop any of them.

Stand back and take in the amazing thing you just created. Smile at your geniusness, laugh at your dusty pocketbook, scoff at stores selling ‘mantel decor’. You, my friend, have conquered your mantel.
Be proud-or humble. Whatever you think Baby Jesus would recommend.
(PS-I have had several peeps asking me about the MIRROR above my mantel. Here’s the link, if you would like to see a tutorial on how to make it for yourself!)

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Sparkly, Silver, Vintage Christmas Decor

From the music to the decorating…our Christmas is pretty vintagy. Anything sparkly and old typically catches my eye. And anything cheap typically catches Biceps’ eye. This year, I pumped up the sparkly, adding vintage accents here and there.

We found our snazzy aluminum tree for dirt cheap years ago-and it came with blue and silver ornaments to boot.
Our living room has become a sparkly, shimmery wonderland. Rebekah likey.

We’ve collected vintage ornaments over the years-with a hard and fast rule of never paying more than a dollar for each one. I don’t know why we have this rule-probably because we are cheap.

This lucite tree was a gift from Grandma’s stash ‘o Christmas goodies last year. I Christmas-fy the tree with dainty green ornaments during the holidays. And yes, ‘Christmas-fy’ is a word.

This centerpiece on my dining room table spreads its cutesy flair during dinner.

I created this four foot silver twiggy tree for our breakfast nook. I just can’t seem to get enough of the twigs, lately.

Trust me, there’s more to share-but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much sparkly.
I heard too much exposure to ‘sparkly’ can be bad for the brain…Check back soon to see what else I have up my sparkly sleeve.

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Silver Twig Christmas Wreath

Due to my crazy house that sports two front doors, I needed two different wreaths for Christmas this year.
I wanted the wreaths to be complimentary, but not matchy-matchy. I don’t do ‘matchy-matchy’.
(Go here to see my other wreath: Whimsical Christmas Wreath)

I made my one-of-a-kind ‘Silver Twig Wreath’ in less than an hour. And that’s even with the time it took me to smash my thumb and say a PG word when trying to hang it up on my second front door.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your very own Silver Twig Wreath:
Metallic Silver Spray Paint
1’ to 2’ sections of Tree Limbs
Needle Nosed Pliers
Wire Snips
20 Gauge Galvanized Wire
Plastic or Paper drop cloth

For fun decor on the wreath: scavenge the house for sequins, tiny little birds, metallic circles, feathers, old ornaments, etc. I used a hot glue gun to apply the fun decor. (Hot glue gun not pictured due to my brain fart).

I cut my twigs into 1’ to 2’ sections, using my wire snips. I know this isn’t what wire snips are for, but…I am naughty that way. Using 3” sections of the galvanized wire, I joined my twiggy sections to one another.

Wrap the galvanized wire around the joined limbs, tucking the pointy ends underneath.

I continued this pattern until I had a nice wreath shape. I wasn’t worried about it being perfectly circular, and neither should you when you are making this. Perfection is highly overrated when it comes to crafting…

I sprayed my imperfect circular wreath with my spray paint of chose, as of late-Metallic Silver. It makes everything look very ‘ooh and ahh’…

Once the wreath was dry, I added birds and metallic circles here and there at my leisure. I even used the decor to cover over the wire. Pretty sneaky, eh?

In order to hang the wreath from the door, I simply tied a black ribbon onto what I deemed as the ‘top’ of it. I also added a vintage jingle bell to the center of the wreath-alerting me of intruders-or visitors…whatever you want to call them. You say ‘potato’, I say ‘puh-tah-toe’…

Simple, different, pretty and sparkly. The ‘Silver Twig Wreath’ is a fanciful addition to the second front door. And I like fanciful things very much, let me tell you.

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