About Me…

As a thirty something year old, who is more than happily married (to that guy on the left), I felt I needed to shed some light on my wonderful but peculiar life. I am pretty normal by my own estimation. But no one else agrees with me on that.

You see, I have always cringed when people ask me what I do for a living.

Here’s a typical scenario at any baby shower/bridal shower/women’s Bible Study, etc that I have attended:

“So, what do you do?” Woman says. She’s wearing a lot of pink, not that that’s a bad thing. I like pink. I just use it sparingly.

“Uh, well….” Cough, cough. “We do a lot of things.” I am wearing a ‘Black Halos’ t-shirt, with a skull on it.

“Like what?” She looks impatient, fingering the pearls around her neck. I bet they’re real. I don’t have real pearls.

“We own real estate, I write a column for a local paper, we drive entertainment coaches for bands and my husband is a musician and I am working on several creative projects and…” I trail off, unsure what I should say next.

“That’s nice. What are your children’s names?” Woman interrupts.

“I don’t have any children.” I smile.

“But you’re past 30!” Woman gasps.

Yes, this childless, cat-loving woman is just trying her best to make the most of the mess around her. And the ironic thing is that I crave, absolutely crave, consistency. And there’s nothing consistent about my life. This proves that God has a sense of humor. Funny God, real funny.

Born in Germany, but living out my childhood with three brothers in a small town in Kansas, I had a relatively normal childhood.

My parents are still married (which I guess is not all that normal nowadays) and they are happy (again, not normal). My parents own their own business and work every day together.

My mom is my best bud and we talk most mornings at 7am. So, don’t call me at that time. I’m busy.

My dad is hard to describe. He’s an ordained minister, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the army, a musician, a great story teller and the best man to measure your husband next to. That’s my dad.

They live with my Grandma Matlach, also known as Gigi. She is wearing a paper bag on her head. I don’t know why. But she is a lot of fun.

My brothers, well…there is not enough room for that. You’ll hear about them woven through stories, through my weird thoughts and from inside jokes you will be privy to.

This is my best friend, Cynthia, who happened to introduce me to my hubby…

..who is this man. He wears bear costumes. I love this strange man.