See what the Lord has done

I have truly missed being able to regularly blog. I enjoy sharing new crafty ideas with you, offering home remodeling tips, recipes for you to try, and just sharing a bit of my weird life.

I know things will get back to a new normal and I will be creating, cooking and remodeling with fervor. But for now, my most memorable times are spent staring at this.


Birdie in Strawberr

all photos courtesy of Greiman Photography
I’ve realized a few things about parenting that I’d heard from other parents but dismissed as farcical. However, what all those crazy parents have told me is true.

Parenting is the most rewarding thing that I’ve ever done. I never thought I would say that. It seemed a necessary task in order to one day have that intelligent conversation with your 25 year old that finally admits you were right about everything. The in between stuff-the spit-up, dirty diapers, messy house, potty training, loads upon loads of laundry-was something that I thought I would have to get through. Instead, I find myself embracing each moment with our daughter, praying over her constantly, smiling while she’s screaming-because she’s finally here and she has a voice.

Birdie & Dad 2
Parenting has made me fall more and more in love with my husband every day. I knew Biceps was ridiculously awesome–that’s why I said “yes” after only four months of dating. What I didn’t know about my sweet man was that he was a natural at nurturing. I’ve watched Biceps hold our baby girl as she spits up onto his arm, and he doesn’t flinch. He’ll scoop the drool from her mouth and wipe it onto his own clean shirt. He joyfully changes her diapers and makes up songs to entertain her while doing so. He rushes home from the fire station so he can hold his baby girl. This man who couldn’t get any better–did.


Birdie toes
Parenting has caused me to better understand the gravity of Christ’s sacrifice for me. I would do anything to protect my Birdie. Anything. I would lay down my life if it meant she would live. I don’t think I every fully grasped why Christ did what he did for me until I became a parent. I thought Christ was perhaps a little extreme and slightly crazy to sacrifice himself for someone as flawed as me. Now, I know why. He took on my sin, knowing I would continue to sin and disappoint him. He did that because of his incredible love for me. Have you recognized and understand what the Lord has done for you? What have you learned as a parent?

“Just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” Ephesians 5:2


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7 Responses to "See what the Lord has done"

  1. Mom says:

    I know exactly how you feel. However, being a Grandmother is even better!

    • The Better Baker says:

      AWWW – Grandchildren really do make life GRAND, don’t they??? ;-} We are so blessed! Congrats to you too. How wonderful you actually get to love on this precious darling!

  2. Bobbi (mumma) says:

    Amen, sister, AMEN!!!

  3. Bobbi (mumma) says:

    Oh, and she’s beautiful!

  4. The Better Baker says:

    Yes oh Yes – I DO have an awesome perspective of our amazing God…isn’t it incredible what HE uses to teach us? This sweet post had me all teared up. The photos of your precious babe couldn’t be sweeter. Thanks for sharing your thoughts…looking forward to your return to blogging, but til you’re ready, just suck up that special & adorable babe daily.

  5. Sheri Waddell says:

    She is beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. Dorry Forrester says:

    Your daughter is adorable and beautiful with her lovely smile. Don’t ever feel that your blog may become overwhelmed by posts about your daughter. I love the words about her and your family. She gives life to your world and as well to your blog.

    I found a lot of encouragement in your letter to childless wives that you posted a while back.
    I was childless for six years after I married my husband when I had a miscarriage and then no periods for nearly seven months. I was told I may not have my periods again. Your words were an exact representation of how I felt.
    I prayed for you on a near daily basis for a long while. I found myself so happy when you announced your pregnancy and then the countdown began. I eagerly checked on your blog for updates about the pregnancy and prep work. I couldn’t get enough!
    And now I look forward to all posts about your daughter. Your daughter is precious! I love how much hair she has! While I am a DIYer and crafter and also a “green” lady of the house, making as much of my own cleaning supplies as possible, saving money while I go, I also cherished other words you would write about home life and non-crafty things.

    Well, in June, I finally got my period, but I never had another one after that and was devastated again, but I continued to surround myself with children anyway. You see, I am a children’s librarian. 🙂
    They are so amazing, rewarding, and the best times are had around them! I learn more from children than they learn from me!

    Toward the end of our summer reading program, I went into the grocery store on my way home from work, on July 14, and instead of getting all the things on my list I needed, I found all things fruity and cheesy and it made no sense. I tucked a pregnancy test into the basket and used the self checkout.
    The big fat positive was not what I was expecting from that stick, but I welcomed it! I am enjoying this pregnancy and gladly look forward to my meeting our daughter face to face by the middle of March. I was seven weeks pregnant when I took that test! I am now 23 weeks.

    My daughter is going to change my world, but I wanted this blessing.
    As I feel her movements inside of me, I remember my creator and my mother and what they both did for me. My mom did this nine times!!
    While I know I couldn’t do this nine times, just once is enough to show me God’s hand in all things, but especially in the miracle of life!

    Thank you again, for your words. I love reading your blog, but especially love that you keep it Christ centered and not man centered like so many of the other DIYers and home-life blogs out there! Thank you for being faithful to your family and faithful to God! I cherish this about your blog!


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