Introducing “Baby G.”-our sweet little Birdie Rose

As you may have surmised, I have been a little MIA for the last few weeks. The preparation for Baby G., my parent’s and in-law’s arrival, and just generally being pregnant left me with little energy at the end of each day. I desperately wanted to keep all of you informed, but hoped you’d bear with me as we adjusted and prepared for our new life.

All the work, planning, waiting, plotting and prayer was worth the wait. On April 27th, at 12:02am, our lives forever changed.

Introducing-Birdie Rose:


Birdie Rose Mohawk
She has made me realize so many wonderful things about God’s promises already. During the entire labor and delivery, the scripture, “He will never leave us, nor forsake us (1 Kings 8:57)” played on repeat in my mind.

The birth of Birdie Rose created a time where Biceps and I had to passionately lean on the Lord.


Contraction Timer-Birdie Rose birth
After walking several miles in the morning, my contractions began mid-afternoon on Friday, April 25th. We wanted to remain at home until they were appropriately 3 minutes apart. Biceps tried everything to distract me from the pain-jokes, food, and weird 1am television were all part of his repertoire.

Mostly, I laid on the floor and moaned like a beached sea whale, freaking out the cats in the process.


Rebekah-Birdie Rose birth
Finally, Biceps and I loaded up, left the kitties a little worse for wear, and ran off to the hospital on Saturday morning around 3am. For the next day, I labored-literally-in vain.

Biceps and Mom were at the helm the entire time–rubbing my back, applying moist heat, encouraging me, praying over me and force-feeding me honey sticks.


Birdie Rose birth, Kayle, Rebekah
By Saturday night (33 hours later), we knew something was amiss. My contractions were increasing in frequency, length and severity of pain–and I was getting tuckered out.

Little Baby G. did not want to come out-at least not the way we had planned. But, God had His hand on the entire situation.

We had a rockstar nurse-Bekah-who did everything short of taking the pain on herself. She sat up with us throughout the night and prayed with us. Because of Bekah, we discovered after all these hours of natural labor, our little determined girl was breeched. Birdie had flipped at the last minute, after being in the correct position for the entire 9 months.


Birdie Rose birth, Rebekah
A few hours later, we were confronted by our doctor with the necessity of an emergency C-Section. This was not how I had planned it and I lost it right there in the delivery room. We were supposed to have her, drink our OJ and be on our merry way. But, Birdie Rose wanted more of a show.


Birdie Rose
And again, God was there. Our rockstar nurse followed us to the operating room and stayed with me throughout the entire procedure. My doctor prayed with me and calmed me down. And, 30 minutes later–Birdie was “born”.


Birdie Rose and Rebekah
I have no idea why the birth happened the way that it did. But, because of the unusual circumstances met by supernatural answers–I knew my God was watching over me. There were many details-when my water broke, when the doctor was available, how much I had eaten–that seemed to miraculously be taken care of.


Birdie Rose bath time
The birth of Birdie Rose deepened my love for the Lord, for my husband and for my family. I already cannot imagine my life without her.

She is our blessing–one we waited 13 years for. And it was totally worth it.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” James 1:2-5

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8 Responses to "Introducing “Baby G.”-our sweet little Birdie Rose"

  1. shelley Umezawa says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. I am SO happy for all 3 of you! I hope I get to meet Birdie soon.

  2. Natalie Morgan says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony of God’s grace & providence in your long-awaited, precious gift! I completely empathize with you; although my 2nd child was not an emergency c-section, it was an unwanted one but necessary as he was transverse. My heart’s desire was to also have a natural birth as I did with my first one; but the Lord had other plans. Although I am not a fan of cesareans, I realize they do have a place & when resorted to sparingly & not lightly, become a source of salvation in our little miracles. I am so glad & so happy that you are able to finally hold in your arms this treasure of a child, this child for whom you have prayed & patiently waited for! I think it’s wonderful how you are already looking at Birdie Rose in perspective of our Heavenly Father and to Him. Your thoughts & feelings, I believe, are exactly what parenting is supposed to do for us–personify the Lord’s relationship to His children. Unlike Him, we fail and fail constantly, but the forgiveness is always there. Someone once stated that having children is to change us as parents–it’s for our sanctification! Boy….that’s an understatement! I love the fact, too, that you are realizing God’s wonderful promises to you through her…you claim those promises & hold onto them! The verses you chose to share were perfect in application. Thank you for your encouragement! Should the Lord grant us another child, I hope to have VBAC, but if that does not go as planned, your testimony will be long remembered in my mind as the Lord proves over & over that He takes care of His own! Congratulations! She’s stunning!

  3. christy wood says:

    Congratulations! ! She is beautiful in every way!

  4. Sandy says:

    Congratulations! You have A beautiful daughter and a wonderful testimony. Enjoy!!!!!

  5. Sharon says:

    Birdie is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. Bekah Presley says:

    Yay!! She is so beautiful! Thank you for the very sweet card and picture of Birdie. Your card brought tears to my eyes. 🙂 it was my honor to take care of you all. You, Rebekah, are the rockstar!

    • Luanna Meuser says:

      Hi Rebekah,
      I used to be Angela McGrath’s mother-in law, now I’m just one of her biggest fans. I am so happy for you. Birdie Rose is one of the most beautiful newborns I have ever seen. Praising God with you for His chosen people to walk through this with you. Enjoy:)
      Luanna Meuser

  7. Sheila says:

    Rebekah!! Yeh! Hallelujah! This is such great news! How have I missed all this on instagram?? Your IG must be hiding from me. I was going through some old pics and came upon my Ranch trip, which made me think of your husband, then you, then the fact that I had not been to your blog in a very long time! So anyway congrats you and Mr. Biceps make purdy babies! And what a sweet name…love it!
    XO Sheila


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