Twas little more than a fortnight until Baby G’s unveiling

This is a fancy way of saying “16 days until Baby G is supposed to come into this world.” Biceps and I are feeling a little more prepared, but I tend to freak out silently from time to time. I have a few questions that no one seems to be answering:


Frazzled Mom

1. What if the baby comes early and I’m not ready?
The typical answer: Oh, you’ll be ready, you say.
My rebuttal: Oh yeah? You don’t know my emotional ramping-up needs. It took me two years to be emotionally ready for marriage after a terrible break-up with the “wrong guy”. TWO YEARS. I could have acquired a Master’s Degree in that time.



2. What if I toot around my kid, then realize I shouldn’t have, then apologized, then he/she tells on me in some ridiculously public place and uses this ammunition as their own leverage to toot willy-nilly?
The typical answer: That’s the least of your worries, you say.
My rebuttal: Is it? I have a non-tooting reputation to uphold. Be quiet any of you out there that know otherwise.


vintage laundry
3. What if not getting enough sleep, along with my hormones going wacko, along with a dirty house, piles of laundry and a messy kitchen causes me to just walk out of the house one day and never come back? What if I’m not quite the superhero woman I think I am?
The typical answer: You’ll adjust, you say. You’re going to get used to your house being messier, the dishes not being done and you’ll eventually get sleep.
My rebuttal:You apparently don’t know my obsessive-compulsiveness or my extreme need for a clean house.


Little Max Kitten
4. What if I totally screw up my kid and they turn into some sort of Hannibal Lecter or a serial killer or, even worse-don’t like cats?
The typical answer: You’re going to screw up for sure, you say. But you won’t screw up this badly.
My rebuttal: I once put my baby brother underneath a clothes hamper, sat on top of it and didn’t move until I was threatened by my mother. Who does that? And, I’m sure Hitler’s mother didn’t think she would screw up Adolf. Look what happened there.


My Family-Matlach 80's
5. What if my kid follows my pattern of a self-absorbed childhood thinking I looked awesome in this dress, my risky teenage years of driving too fast and dating too old of guys, ill-planned college years where I barely made A’s and broke a boy’s heart out of complete selfishness and finally a few adult years of somewhat gained but lackluster maturity where I see few peaks but mostly valleys of incompetence?
The typical answer: Your kid is going to be awesome. Besides, you’ve got Bicep’s influence and he’s awesome.
My rebuttal: I’ll give you that. Biceps is awesome.


Kayle Rbbrbnd Gun
How could a kid not grow up to be awesome with this guy as his dad?
The typical answer: It’s impossible.
My rebuttal: I have none.

What were your biggest worries or fears before becoming a parent?

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6 Responses to "Twas little more than a fortnight until Baby G’s unveiling"

  1. The Better Baker says:

    You’re so funny! Reading your posts always bring a smile. We all have worries, but I think you’ll find you’ll ‘fall into’ motherhood quite easily. I’m so excited for you and for the idea your life is about to turn upside down in the most awesome way. As the saying goes…..ONCE A MOTHER, ALWAYS A MOTHER. Life will never be the same again. You’re both gonna be sooo good at this! =)

    • Rebekah says:

      Thanks so much! I’m so thankful to be able to share what’s going on and be honest…and a little weird!

  2. Bobbi says:

    1. You’re never really ready. That little person is going to come barreling into your lives, and nothing will ever be the same. In a good way.
    2. Tooting around your kid truly will be the least of your worries. It’s the time when you’re in the public restroom that you’re outed. “Mom, what are all those red marks on your belly?” Loudly.
    3. You will get sleep. Eventually. And you’ll see that staring into that tiny sleeping face totally trumps dish washing! Especially when it smiles.
    4. Oh, you’ll screw up, lol. But you won’t have a Hitler or Hannibal! I finally decided to get my girls bunk beds when I went into their room to find the older one (6) asleep with her pillow covering the younger(2), lol. They’re both fiiiine….
    5. Didn’t we all do dumb stuff and think we knew it all? And yeah, Biceps looks like a really cool guy!!!

    My fears? I was too young (21) to have any, really. I was blissfully happy to be welcoming a new little person into this crazy world! Trust your instincts and you’ll be fine. Enjoy the ride, honey. It’s the best! My oldest baby turned 30 last Thursday. Time goes by so fast.

    • Rebekah says:

      I loved reading your words of wisdom, Bobbi! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. And-I’m glad you think I’m not capable of raising a Hitler. 🙂

  3. Cyndi Torres says:

    1. You’re never ready. My daughter was born 6 weeks early, and we hadn’t prepared much of anything when she came home. She actually slept on the changing table for a few weeks! Then there was colic, and acid reflux, and the fact that she’s high need, and yeah. There’s no way to be totally ready for parenthood! You just roll with it and follow your baby’s cues for what they need. Eventually it all comes together. Just keep talking to your husband and other supportive people. Don’t isolate yourself!

    3. Again, keep talking to people so you won’t go crazy! Let other people help with the house stuff. It sounds cliche, but you really do learn to live with the house being a bare minimum of clean! I never realized how OCD I was about my house until I just couldn’t keep up with it anymore, and it drove me crazy! But you do what you can and just keep going. Not to scare you, but I’ve had a worse time with toddlerhood than any other. I had a period a few months ago where I felt like I was drowning in life and parenthood. I did want to walk away sometimes. But you just pray, blow off steam to someone you trust, and keep going.

    4. Everyone worries about screwing up their kids! It’s hard not to with the culture of today, plus all the different parenting styles that promise to turn out near perfect children. Keep your family centered on God, love your kids, ask for God to guide you, and trust Him for the results. And discipline is necessary. Difficult, but necessary!

    Praying for God’s peace in your life, and a healthy delivery.

  4. Mom says:

    I know you! You will be one great Mom and Biceps will be an awesome Dad. If I can do it–you can do it..


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