Four Weeks to Go. (Installment #4 from Baby Greiman)

You’ve done some weird things lately. And I’d like the world to know what just what you’ve done.


1. You’ve sung to me in the middle of the night while I am trying to enjoy my 15th round of hiccups.
2. You’ve cried while rocking-in what I assume will be-my rocking chair. For no reason. While holding an ancient stuffed lamb with an internal jingly bell in its head. Should I be concerned that you are not emotionally stable?


80s Ladies
3. You keep trying to work out and I keep telling you to stop it. I don’t like it. Even these 3 mile walks are not my cup of tea. Can’t you tell I’m trying to sleep in here?


4. You’ve videoed me while I was trying to get comfy in your tiny belly. Could you expand a little and give a brutha/sista some more room?


5. I have a list of things I need to get done when I get “on the outside”. Do you think we could speed this process up a little bit-why do insist on keeping me inside?


Garden Produce
6. And last, but not least, you’ve taken to eating huge amounts of vegetables. I’d like a burger once in awhile-with cheese, ketchup, pickles and lettuce. I appreciate you cramming me full of folic acid and vitamin A. But, I have a feeling the lineage of the Greiman’s raising angus cattle has somehow crept its way into my blood. Sorry, veggie mom. I’m a carnivore. And I’m hungry.


Graduation-Bicep's Awards, Kayle, Rebekah
Other than that, I’m totally happy and can’t wait to meet you and dad. I think.

Baby G.

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for the entire world. Deal with it.
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4 Responses to "Four Weeks to Go. (Installment #4 from Baby Greiman)"

  1. christy wood says:

    you are completely hilarious!!

  2. Mom says:

    Tell Baby G not to worry he will have the world’s best parents and plenty of love from Papa and Gma.

  3. The Better Baker says:

    Oh how clever and witty you are! How fun that you are recording these thoughts for your precious babe to enjoy someday…won’t be long now and your lives will be changed forever..


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