Living Room Decisions-HELP!

The living room is painted and decor is on the wall (mostly of the gold variety).

Living Room

However, there are still no curtains hanging over the windows and my nesting mode is kicking into high gear. What would you recommend as far as draperies?


Dining Room

For now, we are keeping the dining room table and the rug pictured here…



…and the rug pictured in here.


Living Room
And, we’re keeping the couches until another one or two fall into our laps. So-do we go with a bold color for drapes, a non-descript white, a pattern, something vintage…what?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Weigh in!



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3 Responses to "Living Room Decisions-HELP!"

  1. Anastasiya Didok says:

    Go with lime green! Bed Bath and Beyond has beautiful curtains right now that are lime green or have lime green flowers. We tried them at our home but they didn’t look nice because of the type of rods we got, but I love them! They’d look amazing in your livingroom! I can just see them there!!!

  2. Haley says:

    Go both a large geometric, rounded print in whatever colors you like. I think a bold pattern will play off the more subtle lines and patterns.

    Something like this (also this makes me laugh because it reminds me of vaginas):

  3. Jen Bootwala says:

    I love the bold color of your walls but I think if you get crazy patterened/colored curtain you will feel like you’re living in a circus. Which may or may not be a good thing? I would go with something neutral to offset the wall color. 🙂


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