10 Ridiculous things I did to be like my Dad

I have a pretty awesome Dad. As a little girl, there was nothing more in my life that I wanted to do but to be like him. I idolized him. This brought about a lot of weird behavior on my part-trying substitutes for the adult things that I saw him doing.

I got to thinking about the silly ways I tried to be like him–which must have made him both laugh and feel honored. Here are a few ridiculous things I did as a little girl to try and be like my Dad.


Cough drops

1. I used to pray for a soar throat so that I may have a reason to carry cough drops in my pockets. Dad’s pockets were and still are filled with paperclips, rubber bands, cough drops, a tiny eraser, coins, folded kleenex and other essential items.


Foot Powder

2. I witnessed a daily foot powder regiment with my father. So, I administered copious amounts of baby powder to my shoes–which I thought was the equivalent to foot powder. This created a gooey, sticky mess after running through mud puddles.



3. I memorized every line to every Beatles song ever written, so that we could discuss them on our “days” together.


Gi Joe

4. Played simultaneously with G.I. Joe’s and Barbie so that the army guys would have equal face time with me.



5. Learned how to draw Kilroy, because that seemed to be the funniest cartoon ever, for all of mankind and into eternity.


Shoe Polish

6. Shined my non-leather shoes with shoe polish after watching my Dad buff his combat boots to a nice sheen. My socks, pant legs, hands and household items suffered due to my lack of leather vs non-leather knowledge.



7. Used duct tape to fix anything. And I mean anything.


Stop Watch

8. We were timed as we did chores, motivating us kids to complete them “most rick-tick”. Presently, I have absorbed a habit of counting and timing everything I do-from how many times I stir the batter, to how long it takes me to walk across the house.


Candy Bar

9.  I never believed in Santa, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny. But, I sure as heck believed in the Clean Room Checker. He brought me a candy bar for a surprise clean room inspection. I still hope Biceps will one day take note of the cleanliness of my bedroom and leave me a candy bar.



10. I always wanted to know, up front, what the rules were and what was expected of me. It was better to get that out of the way, not disappoint or frustrate others and stay within the confines of societal norms. That is, until I reached my adolescence. Then, this knowledge was skillfully used to know just how far I could push the boundaries without crossing the line. I saw this skill as sort of a win-win. Have fun, but stay out of trouble.


Dad Matlach

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think “they” are right. I love you, Dad.


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2 Responses to "10 Ridiculous things I did to be like my Dad"

  1. Dad says:

    Gosh Beck (Rebekah), I don’t know what to say! Your words were very kind & I guess you never know who’s watching you, even your own kids! Sometimes I wish I could take back the way I said something but,….I guess love can be blind at times, at least the way you saw me! We did have a lot of fun times together, and I think we both learned a few things along the way! I love you, my Becky, and am very proud of the woman (and soon to be mother!) you’ve turned out to be! Love, Dad

  2. The Better Baker says:

    First things first…Uh…and soon to be mother??? I’ve missed something here for sure! Congrats ‘Beck’! =) This is a very sweet post and I’m sure your daddy is flattered beyond belief to know you were watching him this closely. How awesome that you still have a sweet relationship. Take good care Friend!!


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