What women think men want….

For twelve-plus years, I’ve been married to my best friend, my soul mate and my confidant. However, “Biceps” is still an enigma. He leaves me guessing. He surprises me. He zigs where I most definitely thought he would zag. And, I still don’t quite “get” him.


Robot Party, Rebekah, Cynthia
I could be dressed up like a robot, adorned with crazy make-up, covered in silver paint and topped with a strainer for a hat-and yet-for some reason, Biceps finds me utterly irresistible.I had to get to the bottom of my puzzling man.

I don’t quite fit the mold when it comes to being a supermodel. What made me irresistible to the most attractive man that I know?

My ponderings begged the question-“What exactly do men want from their women?”.


Model with arrows
This is what I’m told I should look like. Well, this with a tiny dog, a fancy car, a ridiculously overpriced purse and an attitude.

However, this is me-in a banana costume, at a party with people I don’t know, toilet papering my husband.
Banana Rebekah and Kayle
Totally normal. Not exactly glamorous, fabulous or with any spared room for an overpriced purse.
And still, Biceps found me irresistible. So, either the magazines are wrong or my husband is crazy. I had to test my theory.

After careful research, a lengthy and dedicated “home-study”, a litmus test with an uncompromised subject group-the results were in.


Love Vintage
(Most) Men don’t care if our shoes match our purses. Heck, they don’t even care if our shoes match our outfits. Wear flip-flops with an evening gown. 9 out of 10 men won’t notice.

(Most) Men don’t worry about our style, or if we’re “in it”. They worry about the fact that we still adore them, can’t live without them, and think they are the cat’s meow. They want to be our heroes-nay our superheroes-if we’ll let them. (Most) men hope to be our knight in shining armor, even if we’ve been married 12 plus years. If we are in sweatpants, an oversized Mustang t-shirt and with our hair up in a bun…it doesn’t matter, as long as we look at them with adoration and tell them how we feel about their strong muscles.

So, keep your liposuction, your lip implants, your “I don’t care, but I do” dress. I’ll stick with kissing my husband passionately each day and doing it with my hair in a bun. It’s so much easier, so much cheaper and so much more enjoyable. Just ask Biceps.

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  1. The Better Baker says:

    OH.I.LOVE.THIS!!!!!!! What a perfect pair you are. I get such a kick out of all the ways you two have fun! Keep it up…you’ll be at 50+ years before you know it. =D


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