Top Ten Reasons to be a Dad

I am not a dad, but I do have one. And in the 34 years of knowing my Dad, I’ve learned why he chose to be a Dad-along with a few other things, like:


duct tape
Duct tape fixes everything, even flip flops.

But, here are the top ten reasons that I think my Dad became a dad.


Dad Mustache
1. You can pretty much wear anything, if you’re a dad. You might even hear, “Oh, that’s just my dad.”

2. Mustaches look sleazy on most guys, but if you have a wedding ring and your toting around 4 kids, you can get by with it.


Mom and Dad
3. You have the right to embarrass your kids-because, after all-you can punish them if they make fun of you.

4. You finally get to say, “Don’t make me turn this car around!”.


My dad is hard to describe. He’s an ordained minister, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the army, a musician, a great story teller and the best man to measure your husband next to.   That’s my dad.
5. When you become a dad, you automatically know how to carve a turkey, change the oil, fix a garbage disposer, change a diaper and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Or not.

6. You always get to say the prayer at the dinner table, making it as long-winded as you want.


Mom & Dad-Apple Day
7. If you are awesome-like my Dad is-your kids will grow up to think you are the most amazing father in the world. And they will tell you often. And visit you. And call you. And hug you.

8. But, even if you are awesome-you will also hear a lot of stupidity out of your children as they grow up. Because, let’s face it. Kids are stupid. But, since you’re awesome, you remain calm, pray for sanity and spank on.


Matlach Family Thanksgiving 2012-Mom and Dad
9. You get to say, “Because I said so”, and “Because your mother said so.” You prefer the first, but will use the latter if need be.

10. You get presents on father’s day, including-but not limited to: licorice, updated clothing items, bar-b-que gift certificates, hand-painted art projects, perhaps a reenactment of your life put on in a dramatic form complete with costumes, and socks.

Who wouldn’t want to be a dad? Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I LOVE YOU!

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3 Responses to "Top Ten Reasons to be a Dad"

  1. Dad AKA Dad-e-o, Pops, The Knu Knu Man, Lieutenant Colonel (LTC), All Around Cool Guy, etc. says:

    Thanks, Beck (sorry, Rebekah now) for the gracious comments. If you hadn’t posted the pictures I may have thought you were talking about someone else! Thanks for being my bestest daughter!

  2. The Better Baker says:

    Awesome post and list! Love the great photos…and your perspectives as a daughter…and your humor. Hugs!


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