The ROI on kids.

These guys are celebrating today. And so am I.


They’ve been married 36 years. And they’ve been HAPPILY married  for 36 years.

Here are a few things I’ve learned from them:

1. Never fight in front of the kids (or the cats in my scenario-but I’m convinced my cats speak Spanish, so Bicep’s and my “discussions” seem to be lost in translation).

2. Always kiss, hold hands, tell each other you love them until it grosses out everyone else around you-and then some.

3. Put God first, spouse second, kids third and everything else after that. Unless you have cats. Then, it’s a tie for third.

4. If your kids see you reading the Bible every morning, chances are-they’re going to read the Bible every morning. And, if you actually live out what you’re reading, chances are-they’ll do the same.

5. Saying “shut up” is never acceptable.

6. Fining people for filthy behavior (see #5) works only on tightwods (like me).

7. Telling your kids fun stories, roasting marshmallows, camping, catching lightening bugs and taking long walks makes memories. Television does not. (Obviously, unless it’s MacGyver, you are eating popcorn and drinking five-alive).

8. Make sure your pockets/purse contain kleenex, rubberbands, cough drops, paper clips, an eraser, pencils and notecards. These all come in handy when a sermon/lecture/car ride gets too boring.

9. Take an hour out of each week to invest in a one-on-one date with each kid. The ROI is phenomenal.

10. If your kids see you exercising, they’ll want to exercise. And they’ll also want to wear offensively tiny, gray Army-issued shorts, too. Sorry, Dad. It’s just basic math.

Happy Anniversary to the BEST parents this girl could ever hope for. I love you more than coffee, cats, and french fries. 

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7 Responses to "The ROI on kids."

  1. The Better Baker says:

    Oh what a sweet post! You are blessed for sure. Congrats to your lovely parents too. Many don’t even get close to reaching 36 years of wedded bliss. God bless you all.

    • Rebekah says:

      You are so thoughtful! Thank you for leaving this sweet comment. I always love when you stop by!!!

  2. Mom says:

    Thanks, Beck. That is a lot of love! We did have fun. OH, we still have fun.

  3. Dad says:

    Beck, thank you very much for the post. I got a little teary-eyed, but also laughed extensively out loud, so much so that your mother wondered what was going on! As I look back we did have a good time, and we all learned & grew together! Love you very much! Dad

    • Rebekah says:

      Sorry that I made you cry, Dad. You are just such an amazing father, I have to brag on you. I love you!

  4. Linda Steaples says:

    WOW what an Awesome testimony to your parents, their a perfect example of GOD’S design of marriage!!!!!!
    My husband and I have lived this way for 16 years I pray one day our boys (ages 13,14,17 now) will see us this way, as of now they seem to be blinded by this evil world we live in today. I can only pray for them daily that will come to love God and know more of what Jesus did for them personally on that cross. Thanks for the inspiration to keep hanging on with what we are doing so it can rub off on them someday!!!!
    Praying you have a very Blessed weekend!!!!!


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