Gardens, Sprays and Morning Shows

Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning?

I will be LIVE on Fox23’s “Great Day, Green Country” showing how to make Non-Toxic Garden Pest Deterrent Recipes, including:

Non-Toxic Insecticide Spray,
Non-Toxic Bunny and Critter Deterrent,
Non-Toxic Ant and Gnat Deterrent 

Yep. Once again, I will be pulling out the industrial strength deodorant, the nail polish and the hair curlers. Tune into Fox23’s “Great Day, Green Country” at 10 am and watch me fumble, spit and act like a moron.

Later that day, I’ll post the live video for all of you out-of-towners, along with all of the recipes for your creating pleasures.

It’ll be awesome, I guarantee you!

Here are the links to my other LIVE TV appearances on Fox23’s Great Day Green Country:

Here are links to my Homemade Household Cleansers and Beauty Products:

And here are a few Homemade Food Items to easily replace store-bought items:

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  1. Potholes & Pantyhose | Ten (Plus) Easy Ways to save Money says:

    […] 10) Keep your garden humming all year long with an inexpensive DIY spinning composter, rain barrels, critter deterrent and pest spray. […]


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