I bet you’ve been wondering why.

Dear Readers:
I have missed all of you. I have missed your comments, your emails and your encouragement.

I bet you’ve been wondering why this lady who is normally an avid poster has been so silent this week. Or maybe not. Either way, it has grieved me to not share new recipes, new projects and my thoughts with all of you.

Here is the “why” behind my silence.


See this naughty little white girl? She has been a pain in my butt.


It’s been doing this a lot. A LOT.


I think I heard it cough once or twice and sputter something out about “I’ve had a good life…”. Seriously. My little computer was in a bad way.


(Photo Source)
Apparently, I only have one of these on my computer and I need at least a family of four.

I’m waiting patiently for it to arrive by mail. So, I’m keeping my time on this old girl to a minimum.


I hope you can handle a few days’ more of Rebekah’s quietness. I know it’ll be tough, but I’m sure you are tougher and can push through.

Sincerely yours-


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for the entire world. Deal with it.
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One Response to "I bet you’ve been wondering why."

  1. The Better Baker says:

    UGH! I’m not sure I can wait, but if I have to, what else can I do??? *-* Thanks for a lovely informative (love your smiling face too!) so atleast we know what’s happening now in your corner of the world. A break can be nice now and then, so enjoy while it lasts.


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