Christmas is over-what’s next on the list?

Every year, around August, I start thinking about and planning for Christmas. Biceps and I begin discussing that year’s Christmas photo  and I begin gathering costuming and necessary accoutrements.


And, I have a theory about Christmas:

Lists rule, disorganization drools.


List for 2012 Christmas Card Photo:

1. Angel Wings
2. Large Tighty-Whities
3. My “dress”-a white sheet
4. Halo
5. Red Jeans
6. Cape
7. Devil Horns
8. Triton

Totally normal Christmas Photo shoot list for most families, I assume.


And sometime after Thanksgiving, I start scheming for Bicep’s birthday-(also known as my “pre-Christmas”), because he’s a Christmas Eve baby.

List for Bicep’s Birthday:

1. Egg pancakes for Birthday breakfast (Greiman tradition)
2. Some sort of weaponry present
3. Some sort of clothing item present that he will probably return
4. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with chocolate ice cream (plus more chocolate options, just in case)
5. Back-up Chocolate


Now, if you know anything about Biceps and I-you know that we are frugal. Christmas is budgeted throughout the year, with a little set aside each month. That way, when present making (or for this year-present buying) comes around, we don’t go into a sticker-shock-induced-coma.


Usual List for homemade presents:

1. 95 Ripe Bananas (boy, do the cashier’s give us a weird look)
2. 8 Bags Pretzel Rods
3. 4 Packages Almond Bark
4. 5 Bags Flour
5. 5 Bags Sugar
6. 3 Jars Molasses
7. 2 Bags Peppermint Candy
8. Etc….


And then there’s the Thank You Note List for Gifts Received (past, present and future):

1. Golden Toilet Lighter from Daniel
2. Self-Adhesive Mustache Pack from Christy
3. Portrait of a Sheriff from Beau
4. Inappropriately Shaped Pine Cone Ornament from Carisa
5. Pooping Penguin from Justin
6. 1966 Ford Mustang from Biceps


But now, the carefully planned out lists have been fulfilled and thrown away. The presents have been unwrapped, the meals have been eaten and the house is silent.

And, it’s time to put all the Christmas cheer back in its appropriate box, wrap it up in tissue paper and store it-once more-up in the attic, until next Christmas.

And I am left with a “Christmas-less” house-until next August when the planning begins again. I don’t have a list anymore. It’s a little disconcerting.

What’s next on your list?

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6 Responses to "Christmas is over-what’s next on the list?"

  1. Vere says:

    you received a 1966 mustang? am so jealous! lol congratulations, am still in celebration mode since here is party non stop, christmas’eve, christmas, the 28th is my husband’s bday, 31 new year’s eve , 1st my father-in-law’s bday, the 6th la befana ( an italian tradition of an old lady that brings gifts to the children, like in latin america the wise men are celebrated on the same day) 9th my m-i-l- bday, so by the time all of this parties end, am so exhausted and bloated that I don’t want to see another cake for at least 2 days;) lol

    • Rebekah says:

      Holy cow, Vere! You are quite the party animal. It sounds more fun to continue to party than to have only Valentine’s Day to look forward too, though! 🙂 Have fun!!!

  2. Janice says:

    Time to clean out the fridge, put away the decorations, establish easy access to the crockpot, gather up the seed catalogs/ Downton Abbey dvd’s/ Roku remote/ comfy blanket – and start the countdown to Spring!:)

    • Rebekah says:

      Can I come over to you house and we’ll look over seed magazines while we watch Dowtown Abbey? (I’ve never seen it, but it looks good!)

  3. Chris Poersch says:

    Chocolate and kitty cats and loves you – now it is perfectly clear why your sweetie is such a keeper!


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