Does Christmas Shopping Online Actually Save Time or Money?

So, it’s cold. Like, “never want to leave the house cold or get out of my house pants” cold. And-“make hot cinnamon tea 24/7” cold.


I have a really cute fireplace that’s warm, decorated with homemade stockings, vintage tinsel, retro deer and homemade “Who-ville” trees (according to Biceps).


Right next to that is our sparkly silver tree in all of its retro glory, filled with ornaments collected over the years.


Throughout the house are old jars filled with vintage ornaments, tinsel and tiny trees. My house is literally vomiting Christmas. Be aware if you plan to come and visit.

With all of this lovely Christmas-ness, why would I ever want to leave to go Christmas shopping? Plus, leaving makes my tea cold.

So, I decided to try and give online shopping a try. I here it’s all the rage. (Welcome to the ’90’s, Rebekah…)


Normally, I make most of our gifts alongside my trusty sidekick, Biceps. This year won’t allow for such luxuries and since I am a borderline agoraphobic-I have a confession to make.

I’ve decided to hit the internet.

I trolled all the “great deals”, checked out coupons and researched what was requested of Santa by family members. It felt so weird just buying gifts, but it felt oh-so good doing it in the comfort of my living room.

I have to question what’s happening to me, though. The next thing you know I’ll be throwing out ziplock bags rather than washing and re-using them and purchasing store-bought laundry detergent.


Perhaps you are making homemade gifts, as I’ve done years past. Or are you opting to shop with the masses, or the chase of a Black Friday deal, or maybe on your couch-sipping hot tea?

Do you think that online shopping actually saves any time or money-or am I barking up the wrong sparkly tree? Hold on. Before you answer-I need to go make another cup of tea, in my housepants.

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6 Responses to "Does Christmas Shopping Online Actually Save Time or Money?"

  1. Janice says:

    Hey! Rebekah Last year, when I was able to purchase online the Black Friday items from Lowes that I wanted on Thanksgiving Day & then walk in the store calmly the next morning after all the crowds & previously mentioned items were sold out & pick up all my purchases [neatly boxed up I might add] – I was sold on online Christmas shopping. Frequently, I’ve found online prices to be better than “in store”, I know immediately if the item is even in stock, & w/ so many “free shipping” offers, I think it does save time, gas money, parking lot frustration, & real $$. Not to mention the temp. difference between 20degrees out there & 68degrees in here! It also frees up more time in my kitchen w/ my friends Butter, Sugar, & Cream Cheese!:)
    Have a Sunny Day!!

    • Rebekah says:

      I totally agree!I can’t believe how much more stock the online stores can carry vs. the brick and mortar stores. I really enjoyed being able to calmly buy what I needed and nothing more. No pressure into add-ons, donations, or being judged for buying a clearance item. Since I can’t make stuff this year, this seems second best!

  2. Vere says:

    I shopping online! mostly because I forget what I have ordered and when the packages start arriving is like a surprise!

    • Rebekah says:

      You are too funny! I love this thought. I can’t wait to see what I got, either. I wish I was shopping for myself, but alas-it will still be fun to open the box and see what I got for others!

      • Vere says:

        oopps i should have written I love online shopping, but that is one of the risks, you start finding a lot of stuff you really “need” , I bought a present for my brother-in-law (doctor who salt and pepper shakers) but I had to have a pig shaped cookie cutter, because let’s be honest, how could I go on living without it?

  3. Potholes & Pantyhose | Christmas on the Cheap-Decor Ideas says:

    […] out the house, if there are any remaining surfaces untouched by Christmas, I fill jars with inexpensive ornaments picked up over the years at flea markets and garage sales. I add some sparkly tinsel and a few […]


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