The Green Tureen

Grandpa has decided to downsize, following the loss of his second wife. My parents flew out to help him pack up what he needed, sell things he didn’t need and clean the house he would be eventually selling.

And I reaped a few of the downsizing benefits..


Knowing my affinity for serving dishes and all things party related, Mom set aside a few things for me to enjoy. I fell in love with this immediately.


The Green Tureen sits proudly on my gigantic dining room table-mainly because I can’t bear the thought of hiding it away behind some cabinet door.


I may have to throw a soup and bread party just so that I can utilize its awesomeness. This must be honored and enjoyed by more than just me and the cats.


The platter that the Green Tureen sits on will be a conversational piece all on its own if the Tureen isn’t up for the event. I can picture cheeses, fruits, vegetables all gracing its beautiful green surface.


These are the only markings on the dish. I wish I knew more-how old it was, who made it, etc. For now, it remains a beautiful and glorious mystery that is begging to be useful.


Who wants to come over for some soup tonight?

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5 Responses to "The Green Tureen"

  1. Vere says:

    I love it! reminds of a similar tureen my mom used to have.

  2. The Better Baker says:

    WOW! Very lovely! Won’t you have a fun time with that???

  3. Laurie says:

    Its been too many yrs since I let my obsession with all kitchen and pottery items go,but my immediate reaction to the hallmark pictured was Shawnee second was hall.please look up those 2 makers and I hope you find an answer! Beautiful piece!


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