Oklahoma and Biceps are Fighting Fire

Oklahoma, like many parts of the United States, is on fire. Both June and July have had high temperatures over 90 degrees. And little rain.

It’s the perfect storm for unintentional grass and structure fires, along with the intentional arsonists dreams coming true. One little spark and poof-down goes a whole neighborhood.


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Biceps came home yesterday morning with bloodshot eyes, less than two hours sleep and the hope of a nap.

After helping him unpack his smelly clothes, throwing him in the shower and feeding him, his head fell hard on the pillow. Twitching ensued for several minutes until it was “light’s out” for Biceps.


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A mere 21 hours later, after dressing in his fresh clothes, packing him a lunch, Biceps left at 5 am to start it all over again.

Please pray for the safety of all firefighters-paid and volunteer. And if you have a local fire station close to you, I know from experience that a quick “thank you” from time to time makes the firefighter’s day. Along with cake. They really like cake.

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3 Responses to "Oklahoma and Biceps are Fighting Fire"

  1. Mom says:

    I so love Biceps. He is such a wonderful man. Thanks Biceps for all you do.

  2. Monica says:

    Thank you for your courage Biceps.


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