Cross Fit-My Current Obsession

I don’t get into new fitness crazes. They’re just not for me.

But, I do enjoy those leotards. Holy cow.

(I am not getting paid, endorsed or receiving any kickbacks for this post. I am just sharing with you something that I love!)


I have never done jazzercise,


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pole dancing or ‘Sit and be fit’.


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See, I’m old school. I like the good old fashioned clanking sound weights make as I struggle through a set. I look forward to eating my raw eggs in the morning, strapping on my chuck taylors, my gray hoody and then running up an extremely long set of stairs while it’s snowing.


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And, I have always enjoyed eating healthy-minus the occasional cravings of mozzarella sticks which produces the overwhelming feeling of regret the next day.


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I did share with you how much I liked P90x. This is a difficult workout that incorporates all of the old school aspects that I love, along with a great butt kicking from Tony Horton that makes you want to die.

Biceps and I have done P90x for three plus years, while mixing in some of our own workouts/runs/bike rides. It’s good for me to have a definite start and stop to my workouts. Otherwise, I get distracted emailing all of you back….


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Anywho-every once in awhile, I need to mix things up. I decided to try a Cross Fit Class at my local YWCA when I was given a free 7 day pass from a friend. I fell in love and am currently scheming how to come up with monthly fee in order to become a full fledged member. (I am thinking of selling off my plethora of cat fur to that strange lady that knits purses out of animal hair.)

Cross Fit mixes cardio, weights, stretching and endurance. Every day I come home very sore, but loving the amount of energy that I’ve expended. Then, I complain about it to Biceps until the next class rolls around. He’s such a patient man.

If you’ve done Cross Fit or P90x, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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4 Responses to "Cross Fit-My Current Obsession"

  1. molly @thewaffler says:

    The first time I did Cross Fit I really thought I might throw up afterwards. I didn’t, but I never went back. I’m now into Barre and Zumba, good exercise but not as intense…

  2. Cody says:

    Neither! But I am 7 weeks into Insanity! I feel great. Shrinking and so much stronger. Love you!

  3. Stephanie Whiting says:

    I’ve been doing CrossFit about a year and a half, and I’m not surprised you love it. Keep at it, you’ll be so glad you did, especially with the kind of lifestyle you had (where strength is a good thing, not “ew ick she can open the jar all by herself”). Anyways, keep at it!

    • Rebekah says:

      Thanks! I do love it and can’t see me stopping anytime soon. I’m coming up on my one year anniversary with it!


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