Simple, Organic Lip Balm

My month long challenge of slowly ridding our house of nasty chemicals began more than a month ago. I got on this kick and can’t stop!

I’ve posted a Recipe for Facial MoisturizerDIY Organic Dishwasher DetergentCheap, Organic Face WashDIY Household Green Cleaner and last week was my DIY Organic Eye Makeup Remover.

I am concocting my own household replacements with little more than what I have on hand or what I can find at the organic market.

But the replacements must meet or exceed three important expectations for this frugal gal:
1. It must be easy to replace-no beakers or science lab experiments. Thank you.
2. It must be just as good or better than the current product I’m using and,
3. It must cost the same or less than the current product I’m using.

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If the product I create passes the final test-me using it for over two plus weeks to make sure it does its job-then I’ll be sharing it with you. I will break down the cost for you, provide you the recipe and give you my honest opinion of the final product.

Today, I’ll be sharing a tested and loved recipe for  Simple, Organic Lip Balm. (ps-I shared this over at Curbly in January)


My hubby and I go through inordinate amount of lip balm. And at $3 a tube, it was beginning to add up. I wanted to find a way that I could circumvent the cost, the unnecessary added chemicals and the need for store-bought lip balm.
For approximately $.25 a tube, I had my very own lip balm without the chemicals.


Here’s what you’ll need to make your very own Simple, Organic Lip Balm:

2 TBS Beeswax Pearls
2 TBS Pure White Refined Shea Butter (you can use unrefined shea butter, it just has a bit of an odor)
4 TBS Sweet Almond Oil
1/4 tsp “Essential” Peppermint Oil (or use Lavender, Cherry, Lime, Eucalyptus, oil)

Double Boiler (or a heat safe bowl set over a pot of simmering water)
Plastic Measuring Cup with a spout
Paper Towels/Rags
(15-20) .15 oz new or recycled tubes or containers (I bought mine from for $0.14 each)


Prepare the lip balm containers by placing in a bowl or pan, without the lids. Help tubes stay upright by wedging paper towels around them.


If using a Double Boiler, fill the bottom pan with water and bring to a slow boil. Place the second pan on top, and melt the beeswax.

If using a heat safe bowl, set the bowl over a pot of simmering water.

Stir continuously with a wire whisk while the next ingredients are added.


Add the 2 TBS of Shea Butter.


Add the 4 TBS of Sweet Almond Oil.


Once liquified, remove the top pan from the heat while continuing to stir.


Whisk in a 1/4 tsp of essential oil. (I used peppermint in my lip balm).


Working quickly, transfer the hot liquid to a room temperature plastic measuring cup with a spout.


Pour the hot liquid into the lip balm containers.


Let cool for 15-20 minutes. Place the lid on the cooled container and enjoy.


I recommend wiping out all pans, measuring cups and spoons with a rag or with paper towels before attempting to wash them. Trust me, I learned the hard way….

Each tube cost me approximately $.25 or less-I had a bit leftover which I use on my cuticles-it’s great for that tough little skin. Hope you enjoy!

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49 Responses to "Simple, Organic Lip Balm"

  1. Wendy Hayden says:

    I love the idea of cheap chemical free lip balm. I have used Carmex for years and like that when I put it on, it stays on for hours, but….hate the petroleum in it! Does this lip balm have staying power?

  2. misty says:

    I need some samples of these things you are making!! Didn’t you make laundry soap?? How do you like it?

    • Rebekah says:

      I LOVE my laundry soap-it smells fantastic & the clothes are squeaky clean. And any time you are in the ‘hood, I’ll give you some samples!

      • Breezy says:

        I would love to sample couple of the things before i go buy and make my own. I’ll pay you for the samples:)

  3. allergy girl says:

    Any alternatives for sweet almond oil? I’m allergic to tree nuts. Maybe grapeseed oil or coconut oil (coconut isn’t really a tree nut–as strange as that sounds)?

    • Rebekah says:

      Any type of oil is a degreaser, technically. I’ve heard of people substituting the almond oil with canola oil & it seems to work fine for them! I say give it a try on a small scale & see what works for you!

    • Matthew B says:

      Almond isn’t a tree nut, either. It’s a seed, more closely related to a peach or apricot pit than any nut.

      That doesn’t mean you’re not allergic to them, but if you are, your allergy goes beyond tree nuts.

  4. Nichole says:

    Wow, this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the recipe (and cost!)

  5. Karima says:

    Looks really good – I did a lip balm tutorial last week! Saw you on the linky party – now pinterest following you. Karima

  6. Marilyn says:

    LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Jami @monstermamas says:

    great post, I love how versatile these are.. I used to make a lot of soap and things when i was in the states and make a few things here and there to a lesser degree now that I am in Japan…it really is empowering to be able to just say “hey, who needs the store” and make your own 🙂

  8. Amy says:

    Such a great idea! I love finding ways to make things that you use a lot more affordable. Good job!

  9. Four Sisters says:

    How this is great – I love to eliminate chemicals whenever possible! We have our first ever Beautify It Monday link party going on now and we’d love if you stopped by to link up –

  10. Shiloh says:

    What a great recipe! I love using it on your cuticles as well. Mine need lots of work.

  11. Adele says:

    Another brilliant idea. I’m so glad I found you 🙂

    – Adele @ Mammy Made

  12. Lisa says:

    This is amazing, I can’t believe the savings! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday 🙂

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Love this! So fantastic. Thanks so much for linking up to Made With Love! I’m featuring you on FB and Twitter today!

  14. Laura says:

    This is fantastic! I am a big lip balm girl!

  15. Carrie@My FAvorite Finds says:

    Thank you for linking this to Handmade Tuesdays. This looks relatively easy, and for sure good for you! The only “green” thing I make is laundry soap :).

  16. Stephanie says:

    stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! new follower!

  17. Jill says:

    I’ve never seen a recipe to make your own lip balm! It looks and sounds great!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  18. april says:

    thanks for the recipe! with 3 kids and a hubby that works outside, we go through insane amounts of it also

  19. Maria Kitching says:

    This is brilliant. I seen your post in a link up and it caught my eye. Good luck with your clear out. Crafty Chic

  20. Rebecca @ Natural Mothers Network says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us on Natural Mothers Network’s Seasonal Celebration.
    Warmly, Rebecca x

  21. Keepie DaNiece says:

    “Who’d a thunk” it could be done!

  22. Allison {A Glimpse Inside} says:

    I’m a chapstick addict! lol It would probably be so much cheaper if I made my own then bought it.
    Thanks for linking up to this week’s Catch a Glimpse Party. I’ll be featuring this tomorrow.

  23. Just Winging It says:

    Thank you for participating in Show Your Stuff Blog Hop, You are invited to come back:

  24. Claire @ Polkadot~pretties says:

    Thank you for linking up this project…
    Would love you to stop by and link up another fabulous project!!!
    Claire xox

  25. Erin@TheHumbledHomemaker says:

    Looks really easy! Thanks for linking up to Healthy 2Day Wednesday….hope to see you back next week! 🙂

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  30. Natasha says:

    This sounds great. I actually just ordered a bunch of natural supplies to make my own lip stick. I used to make my own lip chap, but I stopped because it never had SPF in it. I just ordered a some Zinc Oxide (which of course is a natural SPF) so I’m hoping that I can add it to this recipe for the perfect (for me) lip chap!

  31. melissa Ivory says:

    Like with the facial cleaner, I want to make these for family, but not only is my Mother allergic to almonds, but my cousin’s daughter is also allergic to all nuts, and if you know of another oil I can substitute in its place would be great, because I would love to make these. I also want to know what you think about using little tins instead of tubes?

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  33. Trina Mechling says:

    I always buy burt’s bees but this would be sooooo much cheaper and so easy to make. I have been making a cream for my sons’ skin cause they break out easy for years and this is just as easy. Love it! Thanks for sharing

  34. PlushPinkAllure says:

    omg this post is awesome! I am a chapstick FANATIC and go through it like tissues. I will def have to try this, thank you so much for sharing! So glad I stumbled upon your site lol No doubt I have to follow! xo

  35. Shannon says:

    If you don’t have the beeswax pearls, is the measurement still the same for grated beeswax?

    • Rebekah says:

      I believe it would be about the same amount. I just enjoy using the pearls more and not having to grate it myself. It’s the same product, so I think it would be the same measurement. Let me know how it turns out for you!

  36. Diana says:

    Any suggestion on what to use to label them? I’m thinking this would be a good project to do with my kids this summer. Letting them choose their own flavor and design a custom label would be fun for them.

    • Rebekah says:

      There are a lot of great, cheap labels at most office supply stores. Or, you can have someone online print them for you. I haven’t done a whole lot of research, but I know it’s out there! I choose not to label them-mainly because I’m frugal and I know what they are!

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  38. Bobby Jo says:


    I just made these lip balms for a baby shower (party favors). From the first batch, I put some of the lip balm on my lips. It’s 4 hours later and my lips are still feeling it! LOVE THIS!! Thank you so much for sharing. I think this may end up being the favors I give to the Survivors at my next Relay for Life! 😉

    Mahalo nui loa,


  39. Jessica says:

    Hello! I just came across your site and can’t wait to try some of your tips. With a baby on the way, I’ve been looking for non-toxic products & love that you just saved me some $$$! I’d like to try the lip balm recipe – any suggestions as to where to purchase the materials?


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  41. Cindy says:

    I just found your website while searching for natural Peppermint Mouthwash recipes. I <3 You. Just wanted you to know that.
    I have a lip balm question, but first, let me just say how wonderful it sounds/looks from the recipe.
    OK, Question time:
    How many little containers of lip balm do you get from your 8 TBSP of basic ingredients? It looks like a LOT and my picky hubby will only use the strawberry scented stuff (which is Full of yucky things, but that's another story).
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    • Rebekah says:

      This amount usually makes 20 or so sticks of lip balm. It all depends on how much I spill! They keep for quite a long time, too.


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