My 11 Year Valentine and a Question

Dear Readers-

Say this outloud-“Valentine’s Day“. How did that make you feel? Weird? Whimsical? Oddly Nostalgic?
Those two words can bring horror to men everywhere and extremely ridiculous expectations from women across the globe.
Because Biceps and I like to circumvent the traditional in almost every area of our lives-Valentine’s day is no exception. Instead of dressing up, waiting in line for hours only to be surrounded by several hundred other “romantic couples” and interrupted by the waiter, we usually participate in this ritual at home. We like to plan our time together and alleviate stress and expectations, which in turn-eliminates arguments.


I mean, why flaunt this around town when I can keep it to myself at home? Seriously.

Last year, we chose meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner from different cultures and required of ourselves to wear appropriate clothing. (I have photos, but they are way to incriminating of our weirdness…)
-For Breakfast-Egg Pancakes (German)-lederhosen for Biceps and a wool skirt for me.
-For Lunch-Tacos (Mexican)-top buttoned flannel shirt, tank top and jewelry for Biceps and a mexican dress for me.
-And for Dinner-Sushi (Asian)-ninja costume for Biceps and chopsticks and asian dress for me.


This year, Biceps will be doing this on Valentine’s Day.


And, he’ll be doing this the morning we’ve chosen to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


So, if you wanted to make Valentine’s Day special for this guy-my question is-what would you do?

And as always-keep it PG ladies….

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6 Responses to "My 11 Year Valentine and a Question"

  1. Modern Country Style says:

    I am totally with you on not going out on V Day. I love staying in with an upmarket takeaway, one of our favourite films and a very early night. 😉

    I am LOVING your blog!! Your make-it clothes are completely brilliant…I’ve scoured your bacl posts!!


  2. Gwen says:

    Hahaha…you should post pictures…I mean you just described it to us so we know already anyway… Haven’t figured V-day out yet…but staying home with the kids isn’t really romantic….not even if we dressed up…hahaha…

  3. mom says:

    What was the name of that group?


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