Living Room & Dining Room Redo?

Last week, I guest posted a portion of this idea over at The Wafflerwhich is dedicated to helping people make decisions on anything they are ‘waffling’ about. I received some input on a few things I was ‘waffling’ about concerning my living and dining room.

But, here is the full and expanded version of just what is going on in my  silly little brain concerning remodeling our living and dining room. And, I need your help (in more ways than one….)

Here are my inspirations for my living room in a nutshell. But, I married a non-typical man that actually cares how his home is decorated. He has given me the green light to redecorate the joined living and dining room spaces.


This is the dining room at present. When we first moved into this house, we went very basic with the color choice in both of the rooms.


Here in the living room at present. I’m read for something a bit more bold, full of style and warmth.


Here are some more of my inspirations. And since the pictures deserve a bit more justice, I will now expand and explain.


(Courtesy Home and Decor)
This was the beginning of my inspiration-turquoise painted walls with orange accents. This was also the turning point for Biceps to be ok with adding a little bit of color to our home.


(Courtesy Cococozy)
I love these colors together and think I can pull it off in both rooms. The dining room chairs are presently a deeper orange than the above ‘cozy’, but you get the idea.


(Courtesy My Champagne Taste)
I loved the color of this room with the silver, black and fuchsia accents. My accents will be a bit more orange.


(Courtesy the Decorologist)
I am ready to dive in and paint the walls something similar to this color.


(Courtesy Brocade Home)
…throw up silver framed mirrors…


(Courtesy IPS Albania)
…and add a chandelier made from my backyard twigs and a brass light fixture spray painted white.


Here is where I need your help:
Do I keep the black couch in the living room (will it match the blue walls?) and the rugs that are currently in both of the rooms?


I think the orange chairs I already have will go with the turquoise walls-do you?

I would like to add window coverings-probably a soft ivory with a geometric border. What do you think?

Let me know what you think. I need you!
I don’t want to let Biceps down-he’s depending on me to make some good decisions. Once I see that turquoise on the wall, I may just loose it…..

Thanks -I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

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9 Responses to "Living Room & Dining Room Redo?"

  1. molly @thewaffler says:

    So far everyone is voting for rugs, couch and chair to stay — I’ll keep you posted!

  2. mom says:

    I know it will be beautiful. You always make things beautiful. You just have a way. Are you leaving the table white?

  3. laura says:

    We painted our paneled dining room a deep deep deep shade of blue called Railings by Farrow and Ball. Bold yes, but man o man does it ever look amazing! Our white sofa now pops, our orangy woods look bright and terrific, the mid century fiberglass beige, grey and cream chairs look at home with the contrast instead of looking lifeless and industrial blah. i dunno about picking a bright turquoise, but this blue black works like a neutral despite the depth of tone and everything we put next to it so far looks great. Bronze and gold metal tones just sing! every colour seems to work against it, and orange as an accent is SHARP! here are some pictures I found online with railings on the wall.×300.jpg Farrow and Ball make an amazing orange as well called Charlotte’s locks (looks like an hermes orange), we used that to paint a staircase leaving the rest of the walls white. Might be a compromise to paint one room dark and use orange and white accents and have the other room be left white with a large orange piece (slipcover the sofa, paint the table) and unify both spaces by painting out your trim a soft very subtle grey (like elephant’s breath) in the white room, using that same shade on your ceiling in the blue room .

    • Rebekah says:

      So, I spent way too long on your site last night Laura-love it! I think we are four peas in a pod! (Meaning us and our hubsters!)

  4. Elizabeth Keller says:

    Hi Rebekah!
    Could you please tell me what is on the center of your fireplace mantle? Is it a three-toned painting? Tile? Stitchery? Is it possible to please show a close-up photo of it? The design of it really intrigues me:)
    Thank you so much!
    Elizabeth Keller

  5. Inspiration bleu canard | A little A says:

    […] potholes & pantyhose […]


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