My latest “Together in Tulsa” Couple-Zach & Jennifer

If you don’t already know, I have a bi-monthly column called ‘Together in Tulsa’ for the regional paper, ‘This Land Press’.

My column features unique couples from Oklahoma. And because I am so weird, the photos I take of each couple typically end up a little bizarre-or ‘different’-as my dad would say.

My latest couple were the Mangialomini’s (pronounced “Man-gee-uh-low-mini”). Zach and Jennifer Mangialomini are wonderfully approachable, quietly confident and recall a pretty hilarious and bizarre back story. Jennifer began as an aethist, transferred into a cult and finally found God. Zach was a slightly disillusioned Christian who-according to himself-struggles with handling social cues.

Together, the couple have three beautiful children and a marriage founded on something solid. Check out my whole article here at: This Land Press.

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