They grow up so fast…

I have known this lovely lady since she was at the tender age of five. She used to draw pictures of me-usually sitting atop her favorite animal-a horse. For some reason, I always had a really big head in her pictures….maybe she was on to something.

But now, she is graduating from high school and has on more than one occasion reaffirmed that I am old.
Of course she’s joking, because I’m obviously not old.
I gently remind her that I am just older than she is-which means that I am wiser than she is.


She was a pretty easy subject to shoot-which made my photography day.


I love when my subjects can be easily directed, have no skin flaws, and laugh at all my stupid jokes.
This was my favorite shot of her, because it was so her.


She could then turn on a dime and be super serious and pensive. She was good at the pensive shots.


Mom, Dad, and the little lady were happy with the outcome of our last minute photo shoot.
Now, if only I could get her to draw me one more of those big-headed pictures of myself, sitting atop a horse. My fridge has been bare for awhile and it would make my day.
Hint, hint, little lady. Hint, hint.

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