The 2011 Christmas Photo Reveal!

By now, those of you on the gigantic “Greiman Christmas Card List” have received your 2011 Christmas Photo.
If not, you have lazy postal workers.
Or perhaps-I have the wrong address.
At any rate, you shouldn’t have to wait any longer to feast upon such photographic magnificence.
And without further ado: Here is our 2011 Christmas Photo.
(If you would like to see past year’s photos, check out Christmas Cards.)

Let me fill you in on some of the details.

My Pippi Longstocking hair has floral wire interlaced throughout my braid.
Bicep’s Lederhosen are courtesy of a $30 thrift store purchase in Minneapolis.
I own the Germanic dress, courtesy of a $1 purchase at my favorite local thrift store in Tulsa.
The “backdrop” is a rug purchased from the flea market, and currently resides in our breakfast nook.
The beer was real and heartily consumed.
The mustache is not.
The inspiration was from God.

(Again, if you would like to see past year’s photos, check out Christmas Cards.)

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2 Responses to "The 2011 Christmas Photo Reveal!"

  1. amy kontir says:

    it’s a winner!! laughed my bootie off! will send our creation out soon!

  2. Gwen@theboldabode says:

    How did Amy beat me here? Hahahaha…it’s hilarious!


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