On Fire, Mr. Fireman

Dear Readers:
Everything in our life has changed and I have been allowing bits and pieces of our changing lives as we transition from Touring the country with musician types to staying at home with normal types..
Well, scratch that. No one we hang out with is quite normal. Except you, Mom. You are soooo normal. (And I learned all my “normalness” from you.)
But, here we are with our lives changing overnight as Biceps pursues a career in fire fighting. Don’t worry, he’s not throwing in the towel on writing music and what-not. He just found a career that suited his fancy and still allows time for music.
And I thought you should have an up close and personal look at my man. In his fire fighting outfit.


Because he’s hot.
Every pun intended.

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for the entire world. Deal with it.
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4 Responses to "On Fire, Mr. Fireman"

  1. marmalade says:

    Yes – HE IS HOT!! Is this Owasso or where??

  2. Gwen@theboldabode says:

    Ha! Smokin’! Yeah, he should have plenty of time for writing music…I hear all firemen do is lay around, and when they’re not layin’ around, they’re cookin’ something…and eating… hahaha…

    Totally kidding, sort of…

    Firemen rock and with out them our houses would all burn to the ground and that would suck. It’s a dangerous job, and how do I appreciate what your hottie is doing!

    • Rebekah says:

      Thanks Gwen! You always crack me up!!! I used to think all they did was grow mustaches and hang out in the produce section of the grocery store-scoping girls out. Come to find out, they actually risk their lives on a daily basis. Weird, huh?! Hope you have an awesome Christmas!


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