Merry Christmas-the inside scoop

Dear Readers:
Not often do I share my faith in God on this site. I know that some of you believe the same way that I do, and some do not. But, I want you to know why I believe in the one true God, in His Son that died on the cross to save us from our sins and from death, and the Holy Spirit who guides us and comforts us.


My journey with God has been long one. It has been very painful at times, but in the end-even the pain has been beneficial to my growing and to my present faith. Just like a child learning what “no” means from the parent’s lips, so have I learned what “no” means from my heavenly Father.
I have made major mistakes (still do) when I haven’t listened to him. Ones that have caused heartache for myself, for my family and for those closest to me. What I learned is that I am forgiven of these mistakes and my slate has been washed clean. And yes, I have been forgiven, but I still have to deal with the ramifications of my sins.


So, I desperately need God on a daily basis-He is my compass and the one I look to when everything around me is crazy. He is the one that takes those consequences of my sin and helps me learn from them, ask for forgiveness, and then move on.

Without God in my life, I would be a mess. An uptight, legalistic, selfish mess. Even with God, I trend towards this lifestyle on a really bad day. Just ask Biceps.

I cannot imagine the pain God had to feel when he saw his only Son die on a cross-to save me-a dirty mess. I can’t begin to know what it would feel like to loose a child, and not only loose a child, but to offer that child as a way to save the world.
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16


I am thankful for the God that knows me and my dirty mess-why I do things like dress up with curlers and take pictures hammering the air-and still loves me enough to die for me. There just isn’t any other way to live life. If you have questions about God, or want someone to talk to and pray with you-send me an email (rebekahgreiman at gmail dot com).

I don’t know everything, trust me. Like I said, I am on that journey myself.

But I do know that God is relentless, He will find you and love on you, if you’ll just let him.

I really hope this year you will receive the best gift of all-Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas.

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