It’s Obviously Thanksgiving

For those of you strapped to your computers, stranded out of town, lacking a family, or could use a break from your family or are just bored to tears as the men watch football-here is your rest. Land here on this page, brew some tea, grab a fuzzy blanket and let me tell you a little story that most of you may not know.

It’s a story about a normal girl (me) that came from a not-so-normal family. They tried their best to make me not-so-normal, too. But they did not succeed. I am the only normal one left.

Here’s proof as to what I am talking about. I was diligently setting up my camera for our annual lame Thanksgiving photo op. Diligently asking myself, do I use flash or will that be too harsh? Will dad squint his eyes? Will Biceps ham it up?

Yes, on all accounts. This photo stinks. Let’s try again.


Biceps receives a positive reaction from the crowd. This only encourages him, folks. Let’s try it again.

Dad thinks we need to move whatever this was. I am loosing them. Let’s try it again.

Now is the time for baby brother and Biceps to have a conversation. Now, right now. What is so important? “Which was better, Duck Hunt or Spy Hunter?”. Yes, very important.
And, so once more we try.

Ah, getting there. I even made it into the photo before the self-timer went off. But, bleck. I am shadowing Biceps terribly. Try again.

But, this seems so boring. So, not us. Forget it, I give up. I am just as weird as the rest of my family. I will admit it! I too am not-so-normal. Let’s just have fun, instead.

I didn’t stand a chance in my normal world.

And so this is where my story ends. I tried, really tried hard to be normal. But, like so many things in life-the sins of the father….

Happy Thanksgiving. From my weird family to yours.

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for the entire world. Deal with it.
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4 Responses to "It’s Obviously Thanksgiving"

  1. paula says:

    love these. 🙂 Tell you parents hello.

  2. Jobi says:

    Love it! Happy holidays to you all. Say HI to the fam. Hugs! xoxo

  3. Potholes & Pantyhose | Normal Reasons to be Thankful says:

    […] Secondly, I am thankful for my big crazy family. Every one of ‘em. (I have another brother that should have been in this shot, but he ran off […]


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