My Dirty Secret-I’m in Love with My IPhone

I am in love with my new Iphone. I resisted it at first, not wanting to join the ranks of the hipsters and the “normals”. But a girl can only resist for so long. And once that sucker became affordable, Biceps and I snatched up an Iphone for each of us, while we were out on tour. It didn’t take but a minute and we traded in our “smart phones” for something so much smarter.
It was almost too easy. Which made made me think.
Just what were these Apple people up to? I mean, I caved years ago and bought a MacBook, yes. But, why is everything so freaking awesome on the iphone? Why does it make photos look so cool?
Was it a ploy to get me away from my $1500 camera that I pinched pennies to buy?
See for yourself.

The subject matter is cute, don’t get me wrong. But, the photo of Bicep’s at the Firemen’s Chili Feed is so normal, so ho-hum.


And one boring photo turned vintage, retro awesome. I mean, seriously, Apple people. What are you going to do next-invent holograms?
Oh, you’ve already done that. Hm….I stand corrected.

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