My very technical aspect of prepping for a Photo Shoot

Biceps is very useful.
He can open jars.
He carries heavy things.
He eats my leftovers.
He intimidates bad people.

And he stands in for me when I am prepping for a photo shoot.
Although, he gives me lots of sass while he is helping me.

Underneath this seemingly quite demeanor, an insubordinate man lives.
I had to request a little less spice in my monitor. (Spinal Tap reference.)

Even amidst his disruptive behavior, Biceps was able to help me prepare for this photo shoot which ran with my article in This Land Press.
I guess I need to add ‘Standing In’ to Bicep’s list of helpful attributes. But, I should make a notation of possible sass overload while he is doing so-just to be prepared.

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