Victory for the North!

On a recent trip to the northern tundra of Minneapolis-Biceps, his mother and I-went window shopping.
We came across a store named, Victory, that changed our lives. Well, at least Biceps’ life.
Because of ‘Victory’, he will actually consider the color blue in a decorating sense. And mustard gold.
And for that, I am forever thankful.

The owner, Kerry Ciardelli, and I must have been separated at birth. She knows everything that makes my little heart skip a beat.

Every corner held a new delight to study…and then study again, because I had missed something.

I will take all of these, please. Geoffrey-please pack these up and send them to the car.

The portraits, the zebra head, the gold mirror-I cannot believe a woman that I have never met knows my style, oh so well.
I love everything about this place.

My eyes surveyed the exquisite fabrics, the white porcelain coral, the hand-made journals and thank you notes, and I realized that I had gone to my happy place.
I was overwhelmed and didn’t want to ever leave. Except for that nagging feeling of needing coffee. So, that motivated me a bit to quit loitering…

The store and its owner knows nothing about me or the fact that I am blogging about them. If you are in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, you should stop by. But don’t tell them that I told you to do so. That won’t get you anywhere.

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