The Seedy Underbelly

I typically show you, my dear readers, the beauty found in the cities we visit.
Today, I want to show you the side of the city that most would find ugly, confusing or perhaps-smelly.
But I find it oddly beautiful.

An abandoned building-boarded up and graffitied, is peaceful.
The dirty sidewalks full of gum takes on the look of pop art.
The grime of pigeon poop-well, that’s just gross.
This side of the city-‘The Seedy Underbelly’-is strangely alluring to me.
But, I hope you can handle it.

Poor RC Cola.
I think it’s singing, ‘All by myself, don’t wanna be, all by myself, ANYMORE!’

How can something so intricately designed become forgotten?

A tourist town’s backside. The riff-raff hangs out in the backside.
Riff-raffers like Biceps and I. And we are some of the worse kind of ‘riff-raff’. Keep your children close.
And lastly….

That is all I have to ask…

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for the entire world. Deal with it.

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