Blooming Flower Headband

Using a few pieces of scrappy vintage material and green floral wire, I made a bendable flower hair piece that will bend to the shape of whatever my little heart desires. And, as an alternative I can wrap this around a pony tail or even around my neck as a choker.
So many options, so few opportunities to leave my house to show them off….

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Blooming Flower Headband:
Two to three different colors of scrap fabric (I used a yellow and a blue)
Green fabric for leaves (if desired)
Thread to Match
A fun button
1/4” Ribbon or thin piece of hemmed fabric (30”+ long-this will be the tie that the flower is attached to)
Light duty floral wire
Wire cutters
Straight Pins

Cut two identical circles from the material of your choice, each measuring: 4”, 6” and 8”.
I used the blue material for my 4” and 8” circles. I used the yellow material for my 6” circles (pretend the one in the center is yellow).

Sew the identical circles together, wrong sides together and leaving a small opening.

Turn each of your circles right side out, using the small opening.

For each circle, cut floral wire three inches larger than the diameter of the circle.

Feed the floral wire inside each of the circles, molding it to be on the outermost edge of the circle. Twist the ends together and cut off any excess.

Sew a seam to encase the floral wire about a 1/4” from the edge of the circle. Turn under the fabric on the small opening and seam close the circle.

You should have three bendable circles at this point. They’re so cute.

I bent my circles to have four ‘petals’, which looked the best to me. (But do what you think looks good-I know you will). I added a button to the center of my flower by sewing from the bottom up.

Cut out four sets of matching 2”-3” long ‘leaves’ if you like that ‘earthy look’. I know I do.

Sew each leaf together, right sides together, leaving an opening at the bottom of the leaf. Turn the leaf right side out and sew closed the opening.

Hand stitch the leaves where your little heart desires on the bottom of the ‘flower’.
I tacked down the top ‘petals’ to the bottom, just to keep the flower from shifting around.

Lastly, hand stitch the 1/4” ribbon or thin hemmed material to your flower.
I placed the flower on my head and determined where I wanted it to land on the ribbon. Then I hand stitched it in place on the ribbon.

Lastly, tie that sucker on your head, your pony tail or around your neck and strut about the neighborhood until someone tells you how cute your blooming flower headband is.
Or not…

You could just do what I did in this picture and wear it around the house with pajama bottoms and flip flops. Either way, you have a cute Blooming Flower Headband.
And all is right in the world.

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for the entire world. Deal with it.
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