Sew Vintage Blank Note Cards

Biceps owned several vintage postcards P.R. (pre-Rebekah).
Neither of us knew what to do with them, and we revered them too much to actually use them as postcards.
But things are meant to be used in a practical way and not made to look at and clutter up my desk drawers.

Stitching Bicep’s vintage postcards onto card stock seemed like the next logical step in my strange brain.
You can do this with old photos, as well. As long as they’re weird. That’s my only stipulation.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your very own ‘Sew Vintage Cards’:
Old, weird photos or postcards
Vibrant colored thread
8.5 x 11 Card Stock or pre-made blank notecards
Sewing Machine
‘Jean Needle’ (100/16)
Envelopes 3.5” x 5”

If you don’t have pre-made blank notecards on tap, use card stock and make your own.
Fold your card stock in half and draw a line down the middle using your pen and ruler. Cut your card stock in half, making sure it fits inside of your envelope.

Dust off your sewing machine, slap in your heavy duty ‘Jean Needle’ and choose your favorite decorative stitch.

Test the look of several different types of stitches on a piece of cardboard, just to see what you are getting yourself into.
Once you’ve decided on a pattern you like, temporarily tape your photo/postcard to the card stock or your pre-made fancy note card with scotch tape.

Tack down two opposing sides of the photo/postcard with your preferred stitching method to prevent it from sliding around.

Sew around the entire perimeter of the photo/postcard, changing up the decorative stitch if you feel so inclined.

Using a straight stitch, take your time slowly stitching whatever crazy phrase comes to mind that compliments the picture. I thought that the phrase, ‘Miss You’ seemed appropriate.
Don’t get picky, get weird.

Decorate the flap of your envelope with a decorative stitch, as well.
Finally, choose someone you really love that deserves such a cool hand-crafted card. Sending them this piece of snail mail will surely impress them and make them have warm fuzzies.
If you need my address, just let me know….

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