Recycled Sweater Mittens

I love wintery mittens and needed a pair to accompany the Sweater Scarf I had recently created.
Using the sweater scraps leftover from the scarf, I was able to make two adorable, matching mittens.

I lined my mittens with a darker sweater material, leaving the vibrant lime green material on the outside for prime cuteness.

Here’s the two pieces together in action. I can’t wait for the weather to turn colder so that I may sport these around town.

This is what you’ll need for you very own pair o’ mittens:
Two old sweaters
Seam Ripper (for mistakes…which I typically make)
Straight pins
Tape measure
Thread and Bobbin to match
Sewing Machine

I am sure there is a more technical way to create mittens, but I had a pair of stripy mittens that fit my hands well.
Using the stripy mitten as a template, I lined it up on the body of the sweater. I wanted the ribbing of the bottom of the sweater to be the opening of my mitten (where it would hit my wrists).
With the fabric doubled and with right sides out, I pinned the stripy mitten to the sweater fabric.

I cut around the stripy mitten, leaving a 1/4” seam allowance, creating two pieces of material with the fabric right side out.

Using the recently cut out pieces from the lime green sweater, I pinned one to the wrong side of the lime green sweater, with the fabric doubled.
I cut out two more lime green pieces, creating four pieces altogether.
I then cut out two darker green sweater pieces, with right sides out, but allowing for a 1/4” seam allowance around the entirety of the mitten.
I turned the darker green sweater inside out and cut out two more mittens.

I now had eight total pieces; four darker green and four lime green.
When viewing the pieces going in the same direction, you should now have two of each color with right sides out and two with wrong sides out.

Sew together two matching pieces with the thumbs facing the same direction and with the material wrong side out. You should end up with four total mittens.
Turn the set right side out that will be the outside of your mittens.

Insert the inside of your mitten into the outside of your mitten.

Fold over and sew the extra 1/4” of the inside of your mitten onto the bottom of the outside of your mitten.

I harvested embellishments from the original sweater and hand sewed them to the front of my cutesy little gloves. Which then reminded me of a whale…which then made me take this photograph…which you are now forced to endure.

Here’s a look at the entire ensemble which has made me happier than a hot pig in a cold mud bath.
Weird analogy, I know. But that’s just me-weird.

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2 Responses to "Recycled Sweater Mittens"

  1. The Chuck says:

    Nice job! That pair is super coordinated.

    I recently stumbled upon your site thanks to curbly’s links, and I really like your stuff.

    I also made a mitten tutorial (albeit from felted wool sweaters), and here’s a link!

  2. Potholes & Pantyhose | What do you Fall for? says:

    […] one of my favorite things to prepare for the cold, fall weather is to make mittens out of old sweaters. I can never seem to find the cuteness factor when shopping for store-made mittens. Plus, […]


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