Forgive me for twisted ways

Crap happens on tour that you have no control over. A sudden snowstorm can cost you thousands of dollars, a bad promoter can cost you more than that, and then there are the bands that you have to work with that have girly emotions and eccentric lifestyles. There is little that you can do about this.
Other than fight back in a weird way…

This lovely little skull was present for several of the tours we had recently been on. It irritates me for some reason. The stupid skull was connected to the steering wheel of the bus and stared at me every day. I thought the smug little thing should be decorated. I call this one Skull-a-haunt-us.

And here we have Skull-patch. The band hadn’t said a word about my decorations. Yet.
I found a cotton ball in a new bottle of ibuprofen. I had struck gold.

Why not get historical and educate the band with Skull-zart? Still no response from the band. However, they did remove it delicately and place it in the ash tray. That was thoughtful of them.

One of my favorites-Skull-stache. At this point, I think the band just thought we were weird. I had gotten past what they might think of us and realized decorating the skull had given me something to look forward to doing every day.

Skull-dito really made me laugh. Still the band was silent. But my little creativity was breaking up the monotony of driving, hotel rooms, show, shower, driving, hotel rooms, show, shower….It was what kept me going.

I pulled out all the stops for Mr. Skull-Muffs. I think Mr. Skull-Muffs looks quite distinguished. I wish I would have made a pipe for him, too. Or a monocle. The tour was over at this point, and it was perfect timing. I had run out of cotton and tape. And new ideas….
Maybe you have some ideas for me the next time I go out?

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