Artsy Fartsy Marfa, Texas

In the middle of nowheres-ville, smack dab in the desert, lies Marfa, Tx. On the never ending drive to get there, I wondered, ‘What the heck kind’ve destination is this?’. There was nothing, NOTHING, on the way to this tiny town. It looked like this for hours.

We kept hearing about Marfa from other musician types, artist types, and generally the artsy fartsy’s that we like to hang out with.

We experienced why people were drawn to Marfa. This town is a haven for artists and those who enjoy being a part of the art community-sans the attitude. Gigantic warehouses are found on every corner that are either displaying amazing artwork or are venues for live music.

The ‘Food Shark’ was THE place in town to eat. I am sure there are other places, but once you’ve had a ‘Marfa-lafel’, you will never be the same.

We would have tried this place, but it wasn’t open the day we visited. It looked pretty cool, but I can’t vouch for it. I just loved the clouds so much I couldn’t resist snapping this.

This town is old, by US standards. Established in the 1880’s, the charm of the adobe structures made me want to buy a revolver and strap it to my leg, stroll down the middle of the street and give bad guys the ‘stink eye’.

This straw bale house needs a little work, but I think I could turn it around. Right, honey? Honey?

I loved this sign advertising the ‘Thunderbird’ motel.

There is a grouping of airstreams that make up a hotel community-El Cosmico. (This hotel was just featured in ReadyMade magazine). I highly recommend you click on this link. It will blow your mind. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of the place.

There is something relaxing, serene and inspirational in Marfa, Tx.

Marfa has a history.

Unique beauty…

And a little part of my heart.

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